Nothing to Hide: Granos De Café, Banglore Embraces The Open Kitchen!!


Now that you’ve enjoyed your frappe, let’s order some food alongside.
No, don’t worry about the hygiene standards at all because once you enter Granos De Café, your eyes will be in for a treat, when you see the cooking happening in front of you!

Cleanliness, hygiene, and sanitation are the most important aspects in the restaurant business. Regardless of how tasty your food maybe, your dishes creative, and your service excellent, consumers will not want to flock to your establishment if it is not clean.

In the past, restaurant customers may have preferred food to magically appear out from behind closed doors, with no indication whatsoever about how the sausage is made—figuratively or literally. However since the last few years the trend has been shifting.

 From super courteous staff to stainless utensils, with the hygiene standards met, the customers are more likely to feel comfortable thus staying longer and ordering more food and beverages.
Well, you are at the right place then! The sounds, the smells, and the sights of cooking can really help you work up an appetite here. In Granos De Cafe the “cooking” they do is not less than putting together a science experiment. How can you miss that?


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