Dim Light Conditions,Detailed Content and The Ultimate Technology – MiraVision By MediaTek


Everyone wants a high quality bright, eye soothing display on their handheld devices no matter what smartphone company they prefer.

It is always painful to read content in dim light conditions on smartphones due to high brightness level or lesser sharp picture quality with most processors that are available in the market.

While clicking pictures or shooting videos in daylight conditions due to high white balance and exposure to outside atmosphere, usually objects gets washed out or becomes highly bright for final output.

MediaTek decided to tackle the situation and comes up with a fantastic solution. MiraVision, their flagship technology is a revolutionary processor used in many of the leading and flagship phones that enhances your viewing comfort.

The Company is still the leader in terms of technology among their competitors, and have decided to disrupt market space once again with their recent launch of MiraVision Processor that has already set them apart from most of the Processors in the market.

It uses an in-house technology to edit hue, saturation, resolution, and brightness for the best visual experience.

MiraVision enables Full HD technology we usually experience while watching HDTV’s at home with a clearer bright picture.

It is significantly designed to use less battery for high performance in Smartphone Devices including Ultra Dimming and Blue Light Defender for enhanced image quality.

You’ll experience the smartphone display output screen just as same as your Drawing Room’s HDTV.



As per Amazon’s Vice President Mr. Peter Larsen, MediaTek processors power up devices with best visual experience along with high power, fast and intuitive battery efficient output for smartphones.MiraVision amazingly handles Fluid Gameplays without lags on smartphones and produce the least heat without compromising on picture quality in any conditions that sets it apart from other processors in the market.

It also comes with an internal feature called Clear Motion Technology.

Clear Motion Technology is used to enhance the quality of video and to add on, it is also an intelligent technology which improves the resolution of the video.

And again the brainy part is that it is enhancing the quality of video on any device you want to play the video.

You just need to enable the MediaTek MiraVision on your smartphone setting, and you’ll start to enjoy much better-enhanced picture quality with lowest battery use due to high-efficiency level. The company has specially designed this processor for working in Dim light conditions.

It goes beyond the backlight options we get for smartphones for bright light or dim light conditions with third-party apps.

The Must try MiraVision technology enhances the viewing quality in low light modules with a dark light effect yet readable content enabling feather like comfort for eyes.

It also comes with Memory Color Recovery Technology for defending blue light while capturing an image or a video with color balance which would ultimately save power and color distortions.

Being a hardware feature not like a third party App, it doesn’t produce a yellow-tint effect and outperforms with competitors in the market.

Sony is also using MediaTek processors for enhanced quality with better picture and viewing experience for their loyal customers.



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