The Disruption In The Market of Smart Phone Processors -MediaTek Helio


MediaTek needs no introduction as they are disrupting Smartphone processors market and defining themselselves with the Genius tag while providing best comforts of technology and performance in the same plate to their users.

The Company knows  about the pain points of users and when it comes to perform ance and display quality, it ishighly focused on enhancing every function for a feather-like experience.

A technology which is used in incredible powerful devices like Sony Xperia XA, Motorola M9, Oppo F1 Plus (I used it and loved it), Hyve Pryme and many more.

Speed is the biggest factor in Smartphone purchase intent, and MediaTek is powering their processors since 20 years for an easy and updated experience.

They understand power efficiency modules thus longer battery life is the gift for every subsequent user.

MediaTek Helio enabled devices to outperform concerning Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and near field technology as well as extended performance in 4G LTE advanced solutions.

What’s the use if your screen lags while performing or your picture quality can’t offer you a life like an experience?

Understanding the landscape of HD displays, MediaTek Helio empowers any devices such as Smartphones, HDTV’s or even a Blue Ray Player.

After all, quality is what drives excellence in high-performance and comfort readymade processor solutions in this market segment.

MediaTek Helio comes in two variants for enhanced processing experience.

  1. MediaTek Helio X-Series: It’s an extreme chip-set powering processing architecture, latest fabrication technologies, camera performance and display innovations.It has the most recent smartphone system –on-chip innovation. Some of the extensive options in this range are X30, X27, X25, X23, X20, X10 that powers from Deca-Core 64 bit architecture to 64 bit SOC, world’s first True 2K Display Support in hand-held devices.
  2. MediaTek Helio P-Series: Here “P” stands for premium Performace that justifies with the offering Mediatek Helio P-series offers to end users.

These chipsets are highly focused on performance to enhance Battery life, Multimedia, and connectivity as central solutions of this segment. These are nimble and powerful also acts as a flexible solution for performance-mainstream differentiation among smartphone manufacturers.

Some broad offerings are MediaTek Helio P30, P25, P23, P20, P10 which empowers devices from Premium Wide telephoto dual camera photography experience to premium Octa-Core Cat-6 LTE SOC for dual camera and Ultra-Thin Smartphone designs.



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