Why Mathematics will be the most important subject for JEE Main 2019 score?



JEE Main is one of the most important competitive entrance exams for having admission to the institutes offering engineering courses in India. To secure a commendable performance in JEE Main result, the aspirants are required to get themselves prepared by following the clever way rather than the difficult and time-consuming way. Particular concentration should be given to the important chapters of the exam that have high weightage of marks. Becoming proficient in these important chapters will certainly give the students that much-desirable additional superiority to nail a win in JEE Main exam.

Irrespective of whether you are in Class 11 or 12, it is essential for you to be acquainted with JEE Main important chapters and pay particular attention to them from the initial stages of your JEE Main preparation. Getting a logical and rightly decided plan will assist you in making the most excellent use of your time and study materials.

Scoring areas

Based on the criteria of scoring high marks easily, it can be said with certainty that the questions asked on the Mathematics portion are easier than the remaining parts. It is a topic that is based on calculations and formulae. Also, according to the latest news, it has been decided that if two students have scored same marks, the one with the highest Mathematics score will be considered at the top position. In a tie, the percentile scores obtained in Mathematics will be considered first to resolve it. Let us have a look at the Mathematics syllabus that you need to prepare carefully in order to secure a first-rate JEE Main result.

Syllabus for Mathematics

  • Integral Calculus:
    • Area under Curves
    • Definite Integration
    • Differential Equation
    • Indefinite Integration
  • Algebra:
    • Binomial Theorem
    • Complex Numbers
    • Mathematical Induction
    • Matrices and Determinants
    • Permutation and Combination
    • Progressions
    • Set Theory and Relations
    • Probability
    • Theory of Equation
  • Coordinate Geometry:
    • Circle
    • Ellipse
    • Hyperbola
    • Parabola
    • Point and Straight Line
    • Vector
  • Differential Calculus:
    • Continuity and Differentiability
    • Differential Coefficient
    • Differentiation and Application of Derivatives
    • Functions
    • Limits
  • Trigonometry:
    • Inverse Trigonometric Functions
    • Trigonometrical Equations and Inequations
    • Trigonometrical Ratios, Functions, and Identities
  • Statistics and Mathematical Reasoning:
    • Mathematical Reasoning

However, not all the units hold the same weightage of marks. Some of the units are more vital than the others and should be given more value, time and practice. Now, let us divide the chapters according to their difficulty level, the weightage of marks, and the standard of effort to be given for securing a good JEE Main result:

Level of effort High weightage of marks Low weightage of marks
Easy 3 Dimensional Geometry Differential Equation
Vectors Differentiation
Determinant & Matrices Trigonometric Equation
Sequence & Series Statistics
Straight Line Mathematical Logic
Circle Set & Relation
Probability Distribution Height & Distance
Difficult Definite Integral & Area Under the Curve Trigonometric Ratio & Functions
Limits, Continuity & Differentiability Properties of Triangle
Functions Permutation & Combination
Application of Derivatives Indefinite Integral
Complex Number
Conic Sections
Binomial Theorem & M. I.
Quadratic Equation


Must-read topics

Topic Weightage of marks
3-D Geometry 3%
Probability and Statistics 3%
Vector Algebra 5%
Integration 8%
Complex Numbers 5%
Parabola 7%
Trigonometric Ratios 5%


Scoring topics

Topic Weightage of marks
Applications of Derivative 4%
Limit and Continuity 3%
Matrices and Determinants 4%
Straight Lines and Pair of Straight Lines 2%


Chapters that needed to be handled carefully

Let us take a look at the important chapters of JEE Main that you have to focus on in order to obtain a good JEE Main result. We have here broken down the JEE Main Chapters from the JEE Main syllabus into 4 singular groups according to the weightage of marks and the level of complexity:

  • High Weightage & Low Effort (Easy)
    • These are the most significant assemblage of chapters. You have to prepare these chapters meticulously
  • High Weightage & High Effort (Hard)
    • These are the second most significant assemblage of chapters. You will most likely have to use up a lot of time on these chapters
  • Low Weightage & Low Effort (Easy)
    • These are the chapters you can do simply when you have time left after preparing the former two
  • Low Weightage & High Effort (Hard)
    • Put these chapters out of your mind! You don’t have to be concerned about them. Concentrate on the aforementioned three sorts of chapters in its place

Now, focusing only on the scoring areas, i.e., Mathematics, will not guarantee overall good marks in the JEE Main result. Chapters dealing with Physics and Chemistry are also required to be handled carefully.

So, by now, you have understood the importance of Mathematics in securing good marks in the JEE Main result. Concentrate particularly on the areas where you feel like being weaker and prepare likewise.



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