All About Marketing Assistance and Technological Upgradation By Government Of India


If you are associated with any business in India, Then you must be aware of the fact that marketing and Technology plays a significant role in development and sustainability of industry in both short and long run. Without them, no business can survive. You require marketing to reach potential customers for the product and services, and you need technology for both production and operational activities in the firm.

And If you are associated with micro, sm but all and Medium scale businesses, then It becomes very crucial that you acquire the latest technology and Have good marketing resources, But due to some financial constraints and resource limitation, small business find it very hard to learn right technique and adequately market their products. To promote the Ease Of Doing Business among the Msmeunits, The government of India has introduced Marketing Assistance And Technology Upgradation Scheme In India.

What is Marketing Assistance And Technology Upgradation Scheme

Under the Marketing Assistance Scheme, Small Small Industries will be assisted by National Small Industries Corporation for the marketing of products and services. The area of micro, small and medium enterprises in India is highly occupational and dynamic sector. But due to changes in the rapidly growing economic scenario in the global market, the micro-Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) of India are facing challenges related to marketing. Small industries have a massive lack of strategic tools compared to large enterprises. Marketing which is currently the biggest problem of a cottage, small and medium industries. Keeping in view all these problems, Government of India has initiated the Marketing Assistance Scheme for their diagnosis.

Objectives of Marketing Assistant Scheme:
Following are some of the broad goals of this scheme.
● To increase the marketing and competitiveness of micro, small and medium industries.
● Demonstrate weakness and strength by displaying their skills so that any industry can know their weaknesses and overcome them.
● How will the small-scale sectors affect their business due to the current market scenario, their activity, and change? To make this situation known from time to time.
● Providing facilities for marketing of products and services produced by MSME.
● Providing the platform to small industries for interaction with large institutional buyers.
● To enrich marketing skills in micro, small and medium enterprises.
● To disseminate the promotion of MSME and its products through various government programs.

Marketing Support under the scheme:
Under this scheme, NSIC will be given marketing support to increase market efficiency and competitiveness of the product or service of micro, small and medium industries.and will help MsmeunitsTo participate in International Technology Exhibition and trade fairs organized overseas by the NSIC.
Other help:
● To encourage MSME products to show products of MSME in windows and hoarding and to develop display centers.
● Publishing books, Brochure printing, product-specific catalogs, CDs, and short films for product related information.
● For Construction of website and portal for marketing of MSME product.
● Preparation and improvement of construction/supply and export-related directory.
● Documenting success stories.
● Assessing the novelty of international and domestic market, and preparing study materials for them.
Hosting international delegations and networking events.
● For the above activity for a person and unit, the maximum assistance will be up to 5 lakhs.

Technology Upgradation Scheme

Under The Technology Upgradation Scheme, following Assistance is given.

Textile Industry – Technical Upgradation Fund Scheme
● This scheme was started by the Textile Ministry, and it was entirely implemented in April 1999. Under this scheme, the government will also assist the jute industry.
● The primary objective of this scheme is to promote art related industries in India, in this scheme will be supported by people who want to do their business in the artistic sector. Not only that, but the government has also provided the subsidy for design and textile industries.
● Its amount is given by the government at a regular interest rate, apart from this, 5 percent will be assisted by the government given the change in interest on FCL basis.
● SSI will be given 15% additional subsidy and power loom sector with 20 percent credit link, along with 10 percent for machinery and 5 percent for reducing the burden of interest.

Scheme for Technology Upgradation / Establishment for Food Processing Industries
● In addition to improving the food industry and setting up new industries, the government has announced this plan to upgrade them. Under this scheme, all industries including poultry, milk, meat, agriculture, food, fishery, and fruits have been included.
● The Indian government has pledged 25 percent relief in plant and machinery, which can be given from 25 to 50 lakhs according to the sector. Some other industries such as spices, color, flavor have been included. To further improve food quality.

MSMEs and Technology Upgradation Support for MSMEs
●With the help of this scheme, the Government has been trying to improve the quality and technicality of the MSME industries for their product. For eligibility of this scheme, MSME Registration or udyog aadhar is necessary for the business to avail this govt benefits and scheme.

● The applicant’s company should be ISO 9000-HACCP, ISO 14001 certification, after which the government will provide the subsidy, whose primary goal is to upgrade the technology by improving the technology. Not only this, the Government wants to save energy from this plan and make the business stable at the world and local level.


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