How ‘Make In India’ is Inspiring The Startup Ecosystem To Innovate? The 2ONE Story


Company Name: 2ONE

Founders: Sridhar Mangu

Our government needs to be applauded for their campaign ‘Make In India’,  it has lead to innovations that has mapped a path for imperative development of the startup ecosystem.The entrepreneurs, authors, bloggers or anyone who writes has used or to shorten URL and guess what we have the same service from one of our own Indian company.

2ONE is a short URL, branded domain & analytics platform with predictive analytics & business intelligence built into the system. 2ONE is a great platform for anyone who wants accurate, predictive & suggestive statistic.

When we asked Sridhar on when 2ONE’s idea came into existence –

It all started when the founder wanted to have extra statistical data for a specific campaign that he was running. When he wanted to boost his social media post, he was not sure where, when & at what time to boost the posts. Short URL services in the market are great but lacked the detailed reporting and business intelligence that he was looking for. He wanted to have a system where he knew the exact day, time & location to boost his posts on social media, send emails & SMS.

Then he got an idea to create 2ONE, a short URL service with business intelligence built within, which would suggest him the details that he was looking for. As time went by, multiple features were added like campaigns, branded domains & much more.

2ONE’s objective is to provide extensive “Predictive” analytics to their customers so that their business decisions are made easy.  Not just provide short URL, but also to help them foresee their next target audience, location & take right decisions. The more you use 2ONE, the more intelligent it becomes & stronger the suggestions are.

As 2ONE has predictive analytics & business intelligence inbuilt, small & medium business people would have better statistics available for them to take better decisions. This, intern means better business. This is one form of giving back to the society.

“Never give up on what you think is great. Try it, implement it & see”

“Don’t forget, we are humans, we can think. So – don’t stop thinking”

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