Love Story, Seriously? A Tale Full Of Fantasies By Shivi Pandey


Reading is a complex cognitive process of decoding symbols in order to construct or derive meaning. Reading has been the common practice since the older times, but now with the change in time and advancement of technology, people are avoiding books and are addicted to the tech savvy things like smartphones etc.

Just like others SHIVI PANDEY, B.TECH( electronics) from KIIT(BHUBANSWAR) was born in Patna and was not fond of reading but now he is a voracious reader and a great author. His habit of reading started long ago when he was in boarding school.  All thanks to his friend who used to read a lot and narrated the stories to him. The stories always intrigued him. The first book read by him was the “black coffee” by Agatha Christie and from then he could kill for books. Reading gave him a sense of completeness but after some years his urge grew exponentially and he started writing. This was a major change in his life and after that there was no looking back.

A guy who did not like to read, but now was thinking to write because he thought that he could write and since then he had been writing essays, poems, short stories and eventually landed up writing his first book” LOVE STORY? SERIOUSLY !”  He had a wonderful experience because according to him when you fantasize about something and it goes real from reel it is just “magic”.

But his journey was not that easy he also has to face some problems. One of the problem was the length of the script because it was too lengthy in the head but too short on paper. That is why writing requires patience. Second was that the façade of the literary world which looks magnificent but the webs lie behind it. It is like aiming in the dark and even when you hit something it doesn’t mean it is your target. There are a lot of ducking and dodging to get a publisher and it might take months to get a reply.

Impact:  People should be bold, confident, passionate and have clarity in thought. He believes that it is the only mantra to prosper and success.

His advice to young writers is just to write without fear and write to express and not to impress others. In the end it should be the only motto of one’s life. You should not think what others think or what they expect from you. You just write what you think is right and what represents your feelings.

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Love Story? Seriously!



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