Story Based on Love Triangle That Capitulates Youth’s Perception of Love

With You Without You” by Prabhat Ranjan is a romantic fiction which is a collection of all elements like relations, love, friendship, emotions, heartbreaks and which engage with a lovely love story or we say Love Triangle.

The book talks about the various feeble human emotions which when catapulted among people, can set in essence some unknowingly unspoken tumultuous actions and reactions.

The cover is beautiful, simple yet easy to comprehend as expected from Storymirror Publications.

The couple or lovers holding hands symbolizes the trust and bond which is enhanced by deep trust, respect and awakening. The characterization is apt and comprehensive. The approach given is also really appreciable.

The protagonist Nishind and Rashmi are adorable. Love, friendship is a main concept of this book which creates interest to readers, its Hindi version also makes me more eager to read it. Title is good and matches with the story in hand. Nothing could have been better than this. Story is very different, pragmatic characterisation enhanced it. It’s unconventional, relatable and can be easily felt in our daily lives as well. Not all books can easily relate to friendship and love at an equal scale par to establishing a connection with the readers.

For a person like me, who doesn’t read much in Hindi, this book would definitely not make you regret picking it up. This book is captivating with the way it depicts the internal dilemma involved with falling in love with someone you aren’t really “supposed to”.

Even though it is imaginative and very different from the typical love stories of today, not even for a moment does the story seem unrealistic or unnatural. Language is bilingual and can be understood by Indian readers effectively. I recommend this to all, it’s not a normal filmy or ordinary story that we come across these days. Worth reading. Thanks

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