The Spark Of Football Ignites Life


I learned all about my life with a ball at my feet.
Football a sport which ignites a spark and a burst of energy by mere mention of it is a sport which demands both mental and physical strength. It has given me a lot after I started playing it since eighth grade, determination and the ability to ingest failure in a positive way.
Football has instilled in me many qualities which my teachers and parents failed at. Freak, maniac and a psychopath is what my peers call me because believe it or not I am a crazy football enthusiast who used to practice football alone whenever I had the time. The EPL and La Lia matches are greatly followed by everyone be it a 10 year old kid or 6o year old adult; I too am one or probably a die-hard fan who has spent sleepless nights without catching a wink because it’s this hardcore love for the sport which has made the person whom I am today.
When I look back, I was this really shy, timid kid who never participated in any activity and even if I did it was by force and not by my choice. Football has the largest fan following around the world and a true testimony for this is the FIFA World Cup which is watched by millions around the world keeping them glued to their seats.
Football is a sport of empowerment especially for women as it is empowering women across the globe to take it up and prove themselves that soccer isn’t a men only sport. It helps in bridging boundaries between two war torn nations and takes credit to many a miracle in this world. There are many instances and true life stories where football was used to win over evil like weening away drug addicts from the ‘few seconds of heaven’ which leaves behind a chaotic fantasy. It has given jobs to many, made families better off and children of the lesser god champions who made their families and nations proud.
Football is a blessing in disguise for many confused souls which gave them a purpose in life and one of them being me.Its contribution towards my intellectual growth has been remarkable. A once insecure kid is now a confident 20 year old adult ready to shrug off odds and chase his dreams. None of this would have happened if it weren’t for football.
‘Football is god’s gift to humanity’

By Avinash Patil
Youths Era