3 P’s of Success and The Legal Salah Story –

One of the most basic problem faced by a startup is to be updated in terms of law,getting registered as a proper company, and also applying for various other government programs like Startup India certificate , Digital Signature and much more.

In this article,we would be talking about a startup that was founded back on November ,2015 by a group of four (Subh Jha,Sujit Jha,Abhinit Singh,Tausif Warsi).

As it happens in a startup, the idea behind LegalSalah went through many improvisation based upon the need of the market and experience of serving to clients in the past.

Transparency interms of prices in legal consultation was the need of the hour when the group of four started working in a 200 sqft. Office area.

Initially, they struggled with the capital and proper infratsructure but it was the zeal and passion of the founders that helped them to sustain and be one of the best legal consultants in the country.

You can also checkout different firms in your local areas. The rules and laws for every country is different and we would reccomend you to go on a local search to get reviews from people who have taken the services before looking online for the services. If you’re from U.K then you can hire Nexa Accountants , they won’t dissapoint you in terms of  local knowledge and the service.

Coming to one specific point of the article, we will be now discussing more about LegalSalah and its impact on the law industry in India.

The legal consultancy market in India accounts for more than $6 billion and more than 10 players with a decade of experience. The company pursued a goal of 20% growth and retaining clients has helped them in the long run.

LegalSalah has now worked with more than 2000+ startups and has a core team of more than 15 people along with 2500+ registered professionals.Some of the prominent brands that have been associated with LegalSalah are Sulekha,Fujifilm,etc.

Driving from their own experience of lack of funds, they have setup a free consultancy programm for people to startup on their own and also early stage startups.

Persistency and Patience to go along with short term goals will always help a startup to become a brand. Look

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