How Persuasive People Overcome the Obstacles Between Vision & Reality to Make Idea Happen? – Kevin’s Story



Scott Belsky author of the famous business book “Making Ideas Happen” beautifully quoted some of the most inspirational lines,which flows like “Ideas don’t happen because they are great or by accident, it happens because of continuous hard work and never ending approach to creativity.”   This line ceaselessly defines our today’s guest Kevin Co-Founder of ——- Publication house. Kevin is a self-made person, a storyteller, a reader, a historian, a writer and above all to this a very kind hearted person, who wants to revolutionize the working style of publication house and to overcome the obstacles in finding distributors and publishers for the writers with his impact creating creative ideas and innovations.

So, let’s explore this persuasive personality and unbox some untouched obstacles that a newbie publisher faces in this HARSH, volume distribution market.

Bloodline Background:

Kevin: My heritage is very versatile. My father is a Maratha, served Indian Army and my mother is a Rajasthani, a housewife serving our family wholeheartedly and is never going to retire from her fabulous designation and responsibilities. I was born in Amritsar and grew up in Delhi and Bangalore and so anyone can call me as a complete INDIAN an outcome of Two States-Novel by Chetan Bhagat.

Cultivation Background:

Kevin: Being an Army child, We used to have temporary shift to different places on regular intervals. I started my schooling from Mount. Mary, then with Mother School in Banglore, then I went to another school in Gurgaon and finally I reached my destination school from where I’ve completed my Higher Secondary in Delhi. In between, I also happen to go to a boarding, but I escaped from there, considering it as not a piece of cake for me. After 12th, I got enrolled in St. Stephen College for BA History Hon. in Delhi and just graduated a month back. Currently, I’m trying for a Film School to get with the picks and pops of Indian film industry.

The Journey:

Kevin: There’s a lot of people behind, who let me into this and make it happen. This started off as my passion towards reading. I’m reading since the age of 12, I started working on my accent, I used to get inspired by the stories I read and enact in the same way as well. And so the idea of storytelling came from there, I started to write and soon my first book got published at the age of 14, which was launched by the Delhi CM and was a great success to me.

Startup Inspiration:

Kevin: When I’m efforting for my book to get published. I use to stay for long, at the publisher’s house, I visited them twice and thrice a day requesting them consoling for my book to publish and so, I started understanding this tough line of publication and volume distribution. I face a lot of complications meeting with publishers, finding the right one and reaching out to the various clumsy distributors I say for showcasing my effort. There the thing came into my mind to start with my own publication house where, Kalamos Literary Services no dedicated writer needs to pray or to do kind of buttering for his/her precious work to showcase to this society.

Impact on society you want to create through your work:

Kevin: I think that’s a very good question to me and what I feel is, I don’t want to own a limited publication house i.e, limited to only fictions, limited to the science and technology, limited to only business publications, we only support communication books and all that kind of stuff like that. Whereas, I want to craft a publication house, which is a limited kind of Edition type. Where we can support all section of writing work so as to facilitate the writers to publish their every gemstone on a single platform. Hence, this way we can reach a lot of unpublished great works, which may get locked under boxes only because of not getting publication platform and good distributors.

Message to your juniors:

Kevin: For juniors, who are looking to start with this kind of work, the only message I want to convey is, be a good and a patient reader. I can see students are too short tempered now, they just start doing things without researching and analysing the outcomes. Which will definitely not lead them to any result. Any work you start with needs a lot of patience and prudence. Every time you are going to face a new problem and you cannot run out of this because it’s your decision to choose this line and therefore, it’s only you who can make it happen.









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