Special Occassion Greeted By The American Diamonds Designed by Jevelen


In anyone’s life, his/her first bestfreind will always be his/her siblings. Infact different cultures around the world celebrate the relation of siblings and qccount the importance of the relation in everyday’s life.

Very few of us know to maintain relationship with perfection but there may be times when siblings get angry at each other, especially if a sister gets angry with her brother, there are many ways to make his sister happy either by taking her on a date or surprsing her with a gift  compromising of diamonds.

If anyone is looking to surprise his brother/sister/boyfreind/ girlfreind/husband/wife with a gift compromising of diamonds then there is only one place for him/her and that is Jevelen Stores.
A startup founded by Abhishek Sehgal in which designs different ormanments and jwelleries made of diamond.

Abhishek Sehgal  was born on 13th November 1992 in a family with business background. After completing his schooling,he went to Australia in search of better business opportunities and after years of struggle while farming and working in a jewellery shop, he found his interest of designing jewelleries and also starting up on his own.

American Diamonds are associated with nobility of character, buoyancy of thought and a wider vision, peace and prosperity. It increases longevity and enhances the image of the wearer in social and family circle.The designs created here are unique and most of their products are made using Rhodium, American Diamond and plus are not copied or merchandised.

After successful operations in Australia and other parts of the world,Jevelen India are
looking to open  50+ Franchise Outlets Across PAN India and with that, they also aim to set-up Jewellery Workshop across India which create opportunities for employment for the unemployed people .

One of the best practice of the  company is that they donate 10% of their monthly profit to charity in terms of child education,
old-age  Homes , Widows ,Animal feeding & Orphanage .

Facebook:- www.facebook.com/jevelenofficial
Instagram:- jevelenofficial
Start-up Name :- JEVELEN.COM
Website Name:-www.jevelen.com


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