Ever Wanted To Be An Instagram Influencer? This Guide on Captions Can Help You Become One



If you are using Instagram for the first time then you should know some basic information about this amazing app that will help you a lot. You can share pictures, videos, and stories with your followers and you also have an option to click pictures with this app. When we talk about sharing pictures or videos then the most important thing is to add a caption to it. With the help of a caption, you can get more attention of the followers. If you are using Instagram to advertise your business then you should use some good strategies to grab the attention of more and more customers. It is important to know your audience first and then try to upload the pictures according to them. There are many people who don’t know that How to Write the Best Instagram Captions so they are not adding them to their posts. They should try to understand the importance of including captions to their posts.

Ways to make the caption impressive

If you are promoting your business on Instagram then it is sure that you can get desired results without making more efforts. The thing which you should always consider is to upload the pictures with an impressive caption. In this way, you can easily attract the audience and your potential customers which are really great. Here are some tips that can help you to make the caption impressive and attractive:

Keep it short and sweet – When you are uploading the picture for your audience then it is important to add a short caption to it. You should avoid over-explain or write more about thepicture in details. You just need to add a caption, in short, that is interesting and unique. It is just to attract the audience not to give them enough details about the picture which you are uploading.

Put important things at beginning – This is a known fact that everyone read the stuff to know about the important things only. If you want to grab the attention of your audience then you should put the important information at the beginning. Most of the people avoid reading out the entire caption if the beginning is not good or containing useless information.

Use good hashtags – Using popular and relevant hashtags will surely grab the attention of more and more audience. It also helps you to boost the likes and comments on your posts which are also beneficial for your business. Don’t use lots of hashtags at the end of the post and always try to use relevant ones in the body of the caption.You can also download Lucky Patcher.

Use interesting questions – Using some kinds of questions related to the picture surely attract more and more audience. It also makes your caption more interesting and encourages the audience to answer the question.  Your audience will also love this and to give their opinion on your posts.

Well, after following these above-mentioned tips, you can surely make your caption interesting and impressive enough to grab the attention of your customers.

How to save from Instagram?

Downloading photos, videos and caraousels from Instagram can be done in very easily. To save Instagram videos on PC and Phone, you just have to follow 3 steps:

  1. Open any Instagram photo, video or carousel in desktop.
  2. Add the letter “q” before the URL and press enter.
  3. You will be taken to SocialDown.com’s Instagram Downloader tool using which you download and any Instagram video, photos and profile picture in High Quality. It has InstaDP tool which let you download HD images of any public or private profile.

Instasave also can help you to download Instagram photos and videos online.)


Change it to

(note the letter “q” in the URL)

For Desktop Users:





For Mobile Users:


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