An Upcoming Social Publishing Platform, Building Up Business Through Indibeam –


Discover The Story Teller, a News Discoverer, a Ghost Writer and many more only on IndiBeam.

A  Make In India Platform engaging Indian readers and writers through its content

  •  Align Your Writing with the leading brands,writers and thinkers on the internet. A platform that helps one to optimize quality content with a message/news for better reader engagement
  •  A Social Platform where readers and writers with similar interest come together for a topic discussion through different post/comments.
  • IndiBeam Allows You to post pictures, voice recordings and videos through their platform which helps in ensuring detailed information/news with a hassle free experience.
  • 20+ Writers and a team of digital marketers ensure that every action on Indibeam is networked, boosted and planned accordingly to engage audience and downsize the bounce rate.
  • Daily News, Discovery of places and other range/genre of writings help one to get coonected with their favorite writers on board.
  • There are many Ebook Torrenting Sites which would be competitor of this startup

An User experience on IndiBeam is bettered by using cookies which helps the website to know your preference and you when you Visit IndiBeam next time, the content  you’ll get to see personalized content delivered to you.

If You Have a Startup/ are a part of a company, you can also have your own publication on IndiBeam through which you can state New Happenings in your company, blog about the company and much more.

You can also syndicate all your existing content so that there is minimum effort to put the writings in a new manner which will help you save from a Negative Seo and Spam Score on Google!

One can also link their profiles to their Twitter and Facebook IDs. IndiBeam will then figure out which of those users are also on IndiBeam and connect you with those people automatically.

All in One, A Great Tool To Get Your Blogs Recognized/ Start Your Blogging Career/ Setup a New Blog for your company!


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