How to host PHP website or Project on Hosting server?


You must have done with the designing and development of your website, you must be looking for the hosting server so that, you could serve your file all over the internet. And if you are an owner of a PHP website, then even you didn’t have to worry at all. As hosting a PHP site is quite similar to hosting any kind of normal website. And once you serve your website on the server, anyone from any computer and from any location could easily see your website with the help of the internet connection. And here is the quick advice that you must be needing 3 basic things to make your website go live on the internet. And those respective three things are

  1. Domain
  2. Name server
  3. Hosting

Domain, you must all be aware of? and the name server is the part of DNS- Domain Name Server. So, let’s now take a detail look about what the Hosting is:


When you design and develop a website, you expect that other people must check it out. And for that purpose, you need to publish or upload it on the web hosting server. Web hosting is a kind of service that allows you to post your web pages or your websites on the internet. A web hosting or many people termed it as a web host is a service provider or you can say a kind of business, that provides you with the appropriate service as well as technologies needed for your website or your web page to be located on the internet. So, there are commonly two types of hostings that generally people purchase:

  1. Windows Hosting
  2. Linux Hosting

Well, I am not going to go in details about these both. But I am going to tell this straight away to you that for a PHP website, the Linux Hosting is preferred. So, you didn’t have to think a lot and get for your website the Linux Hosting. The Linux hosting comes with the OS like Centos, Ubuntu etc. And let me tell you that the Linux hosting is even more popular as compared to the Windows Hosting.

And now let’s move further and take a look at How to host PHP website or Project on Hosting server?

You can consider to get affordable Shared Web Hosting to Host your Php Projects as their plans starts from $0.01 for first month then you just need to pay $2.99/mo if you like the service.

How to host PHP website or Project on Hosting server?

So, to host a PHP website, the very first thing you have to do is to purchase hosting from the Linux hosting service provider. There is so many Linux hosting service provider company which are available in the market. You can easily reach to them. Or there is another option which is the easiest one that you can simply search it on google and get tons of research and choose the best option for you.

And after that, you have to explain the exact requirement which you are looking for your PHP website. And after looking at your requirements, the company could easily offer you the service with all the features which is going to be the best for you. And once you purchase the appropriate hosting server for you, the hosting service providing company will provide you with the Cpanel login details. And those details are going to include the username along with the password which helps you to host your PHP website. So, now you could log in into Cpanel with the help of your login username and password provided to you. After logging in, you could easily upload the PHP files, and you can also upload the database.

Final Few Words About How to host PHP website or Project on Hosting server?

Well, that’s a small description about what the hosting actually is, and How to host PHP website or Project on Hosting server. I am sure that you must have got what you were looking for. It is a very easy yet useful thing to be done to make your website live on the internet. And I am again saying this to you that, for a PHP website, the Linux hosting is the most suitable. So, go for it for the best result. So, now you could get the hosting and start working on your PHP website.


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