An Introduction To Hong Kong Central Coworking

Hongkong Central Coworking

Working in Hong Kong can be an adventure just in terms of the types of experiences you might encounter in the city. One of the oldest financial centres in the world, the iconic city is one of the major powerhouses in the Asia-Pacific market. With a number of diversions to distract professionals between work and play, getting the opportunity to work here is a one-in-a-life-time chance.

Finding office space in a city known for high rents could be one of the deterrents to managing a business. However, there is a way for businesses to both benefit from the class and sophistication of the city without going broke. It might seem unfathomable to be able to occupy space in some of the amazing buildings that comprise Central District, but it is possible through unconventional leases, namely the coworking space. Coworking is already a global concept, but in Hong Kong, this workspace design has made it possible for businesses of all types to lease expensive space inexpensively.

Let’s take a closer look at what you can expect when coworking in Hong Kong’s Central district.

Major Buildings

Of the major buildings that occupy this area, you might find yourself leasing one of Servcorp’s Hong Kong Central coworking spaces, which are housed in two of the city’s most popular buildings. The IFC Complex is home to a number of businesses and comprises IFC 1 and 2, the Four Seasons Hotel, and the IFC Mall. The building itself is 88 storeys high and is just over 400 metres high.

This structure commands a great presence in the financial district, even if a very intimidating presence. For those who want to occupy space in one of the district’s other landmarks, they should consider the Hong Kong Club Building that sits along the historic area of the district. The building was initially a part of the colonial past but was renovated in the eighties and is now a 21-storey structure with 15 of those storeys designated for office space.

Major Landmarks

The area boasts a number of landmarks and important places visited by tourists and occupied by businesses. Statue Square, Star Ferry Terminal, The Peak, Victoria Harbour, and Hong Kong Station are just some of the major buildings and attractions that make up this area. In addition to these major landmarks, major financial institutions, extensive shopping, dining, and entertainment make up this area. Ultimately, the district is the hub of social, business, and economic activity.

Spectacular Views

The view of the District is amazing. From any of the structures in the area, professionals have stunning views of Victoria Harbour and the city skyline. If working in IFC 2, professionals can take in Central District’s Waterfront. The area speaks of the opulence, wealth, and industry that has defined the entire area for years.

Who You Might Bump Into

The area itself is a magnet for many of Hong Kong’s wealthiest families who manage businesses out of the Hong Kong Club, and government officials also occupy offices in this building. It is considered one of the most established buildings in the District, so it is not uncommon to find influential businessmen making this their office. In IFC 2, professionals might will work alongside UBS, BNP, State Street, Blackstone Capital, and other notable businesses.

Believe The Hype  

The Central District’s reputation for attracting and retaining business can be seen in the luxurious skyscrapers that make up the area and the impressive list of business interests that occupy the space. Hong Kong is a great destination for business, but the Central District is the epitome of business success. If you can find your way into one its coworking spaces, you will experience world-class business without emptying out your business account.



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