Find Joy In The Ordinary, Live Life Young.Wild & Free – The Hipster Lifestyle Story

You’ve Heard of The Silicon Valley and Obviously, The Founders starting up in a garage but

have you ever thought on how did those guys made it big? Well, the answer is simple

They did solve a real life problem but

What’s More Important Is The Innovation And Creativity They Brought In!

Leaving their 9-5 job and starting to work at a friend’s old house in the mid April of 2016, Bhaskar Giri and Shatakshi built up the prototype to the idea of creating a studio to explore all of their creative deeds.

They started by designing t-shirts and sold 40-50 pieces of those, and they were over the moon to see the response!


This is when Hipster Lifestyle was born

In a small talk with their founders,

Youths Era– We would like to know the idea and the future objective of the company?

Founders – The idea basically is to be what we are and what we were, we love to travel and create, that’s the best we could do to us and so our whole concept is around the travel and staying alive in day to day stuff

‘Providing our customers a thorough version of life through our Clothing line and festivals (we do organize small festivals over the year and receive spellbound responses from the amazing people out there) will help the brand to grow as a community  of free spirits who are good at their stuff or at least want to learn new things’

Founders also stated  that – They have always worked for a more clean and secure environment and  always look forward to use minimal poly packs in their packing materials (except for the ones used for shipping products).

Currently we have launched our website with a dedicated Travel and Blog page to encourage and promote our idea!

We believe that Creativity is in everyone’s blood and and a natural process to calm you down or to make you feel alive! By organizing small festivals in local communities and offbeat places, Hipster Lifestyle helps  people to gather and know each other, thus creating a social interaction between the people.

Never Forget to Create Something, and When You Do that Remember to build a happy Hippie Community around it.

Stay Young Wild & Free

Happy Hipster !

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