Attaining Dreams, Inspiring People And Following His Passion – ‘HOUSE BY THE SEA CAFE’

He was always a below average student. He decided to go for IIT preparations. Then he joined VIT, Vellore and did Computer Science and Engineering from there. He got his first job at Sapient GlobalMarket in Delhi NCR.He was also the contingent worker at Goldman Sachs. He liked his job at first but then suddenly he started feeling that he doesn’t belong to this place. He started thinking over it, he was always waiting for weekends to come. Then he started travelling a lot and made it a habit for like 2-3 trips a month. But the fact was there that he always loved to travel alone so that he could think about himself and about his life. He came to know that he doesn’t belong to the software field in November, 2016.

There was one incident which changed his life, that one day he was trekking with 3 dogs in Himalayas and took the wrong route at which a bear came in front of him and he was so afraid that his life ends here but the mountain dogs saved him. He thought that this is his second life and decided that he will quit his job in the end of December,2016.

He felt that he was good with people, he knows what customer needs. He loves going to cafes, restaurants and hotels, then he finally decided to open his own cafe and started preparng for SSC CGL. And he had a plan that after clearing the exam he is going to open his cafe named “HOUSE BY THE SEA CAFE”. He wanted to open this in Pondicherry. This place was always in his mind.

He believed that he doesn’t want have a life like first take a car on loan and then get married and then purchase a house on loan and then you have next 20 years paying for those loans and then have kids and in his whole life he is only going pay for everyone. He started disrespecting himself at that point of time. He felt again and again that he don’t belong to Corporate World.

His friends encouraged him to open his cafe and told him that if you really want to open a cafe of your own then just go and open it don’t think for the right time to come because right time never comes, you need to make the time right! Then on 11 Feb, 2017 he left for Pondicherry. He started looking for a place over there but couldn’t find one. Everyone in the village was trying to fool him. For two whole months he was just searching for a place. His family thought that he was a psychopath or something and his siblings don’t even talk to him. He only believed in his idea and hope that he is gonna open a cafe. Then he finally found a small place and opened it on 22 April, 2017. In between he went back to Delhi to bring back his things and his dog Blu and took the longest route possible to Pondicherry that was of 3600 kms. He covered that journey in 20 days.

He said that “Deep in my heart I have this feeling that no country, no state, no religion, no boundaries  we are the humans of the earth”. But at the same time he respects what the world is following.

He wants everyone to know that just work on yourself and that is the maximum and minimum you can do. Make yourself someone! Improvise yourself! Be better than yourself every day. Make yourself do something you haven’t done. Explore things!

His father loved his cafe. Every member of his family is with him andhis siblings again started to talk to him and his father is helping him in his business i.e., the “HOUSE BY THE SEA CAFE”

Be the change you want to see. Stop complaining and look for solutions. If you don’t like something about your life change it. And never ever stop believing in yourself because you don’t know it yet but you are stronger than you think you are. Love Peace and Happiness.

Let’s reunite this world again.

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