An I.T. Aspirant or Have an Early stage Startup? HashBUGS Yourself Towards Success


India has always been a huge market for big IT Companies/Aspirant in terms of Customers, labour and innovation prospect. The market has grown at a phenomenal rate to identify small niche and thus, inviting startups from all around the globe to tap on resources and generate great tax revenue for the government.

This country has never been short of talent but the enormous growth in the industry also leads to some con’s like high rate of unemployment or an unorganized platform for individuals to show case their talent.

Amidst of it all, there is a platform called HashBugs founded by Tanmay Goyal and Hardik;It is a platform for every I.T aspirant to showcase his/her talent which are guided by mentors and the team at HashBugs also helps the business owners on the platform to digitize their business by providing them vast business development services like Web Development, Branding, Digital Design, Digital Marketing and much more.

Be it Medical or Hospital Industry, Restaurant or Hotel Industry, Education or Non-Profit Industry, Local Business or any other kind of an Industry, HashBugs has  easy to use and easy to access packages to meet every industry specific needs and requirements. These packages are developed keeping in mind the real requirements of businesses and realizing them in an economical way so that masses can avail them. HashBugs also provide free live consultation services to entrepreneurs and businesses so that they can get expert advice, guidance and support to take their business towards their goal

With more than 6000 members around the globe with diverse working background, it aims to grow by making all its members grow. This co-operation and team work driven methodology is reflected in every sense, and will continue to be the core ideology of HashBugs forever.


“The Evolving Social And Digital Media Platforms And Highly Innovative And Relevant Payment Capabilities Are Causing Seismic Changes In Consumer Behavior And Creating Equally Disruptive Opportunities For Business.”

-Howard Schultz










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