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The word passion can interchangeably be used with words like determination, conviction, and love. Passion is a strong desire that can get you to do amazing things, and is tagged as an emotion to be acted upon! Without action, passion yields no worthwhile results.

Techfrog- photographer and blogger

Techfrog is a screen name of TUSHAR GARG. He is originally from Agra but based in Delhi,and is an architect by profession! Being an architect he has different view/angles of perceiving things! So he thought of creating something different and then he tried photography and ended up with a response from .

Initially for 5 years he used to do photography from his mobile phone only and then only a couple of years back he has started doing with a camera. He does video shoots, music shoots and also organize events/nightlife review and shoot.

#newvideo #musicvideo #aftermovie #blog . New aftermovie cum music video out- 'Watermelons in campfest' 🔥❤️🏕️🎧 . @wethewatermelon watermelon🍉 electrified the whole festival with first ever #moshpit on the mountains, creating a #warzone on the dance floor and thanks for their original score for the video. . This is a music festival on the top of mountains, with different genres of music and a lot of love. Kanatal in uttrakhand a beautiful location to host such a festival, which let you free from all the negativity around you and let you free your soul. . @campfestindia 🏕️ thanks for making it happen and inviting us to shoot a music video with you guys ❤️ See you next year. . . . . . . . . 🎵 #instahimachal #mountains #trap #EDM #ElectronicDanceMusic #EDMLifeStyle #EDMfamily #DanceMusic #HouseMusic #Techno #Electro #Bigroom #DJ #Beats #Bass #Drop #TomorrowLand #EDC #UMF #Party #Dance #Rave #PLUR #Music @delhiwale @delhigram @dfordelhi @lbbdelhincr @sodelhi @edm @edc_india @maxvangeli @_.aditya @manav28910 @thebanginbeats @rollingstonein @edm @edc_india @ultraindia @sunburnfestival @vh1india @vh1supersonic @nikhilchinapa @myoloworld @wander.on @musichighcourt

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Inspiration for photography:      

He is not inspired from a particular person instead followed photographs and works of some other photographers. He hasn’t learnt anything from a particular person but has searched about this line of photography and asked his queries or problems from the experts of this field.He is a personal blogger as well! Being a music freak, his blogs are based on the theme of music and photography. Blogging was never on his mind but his love for music acted as an inspiration for him and he started blogging.

Love for travel helped him in photography:
He has also organized some travel trips as he loves to travel. He is associated with travel groups such as Wanderon and Wandering Gypsy and there is a group, Myolo who is helping him in his work. He is an instagram influencer and does all this work being photography and blogging through instagram only. According to him instagram is mostly the best platform to showcase your hobbies or any kind of work you do.

Lonely Planet and Nicon Posting Pics featured his work on their page. Max Vangeli, a celebrity DJ invited him as well because he liked his work. He is also in half way of creating his own website which would showcase all his work related passion.


Following his passion was a problem while being a full time architect:
Following his passion for photography was not an easy task for him as his parents were not convinced of him being a photographer. Tushar’s parents associated photography to only wedding occasions and were not happy with their son to get into this kind of work. He tried to explain them but that didn’t help him either, but he went ahead and pursued his passion for photography; and one day, they finally understood and were happy for him and supported him as well!





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