Top 5 Graphic Designers Job Profiles.


Today, almost every company needs Graphic Designers. And if you are looking to pursue graphic designing as a career then Congratulations.

Because you are going in the right direction. The best part about this Job is that allows you tons of creative freedom.

There are different Job profiles in a company for graphic designing. And all of those job profiles have different responsibilities and tasks.

So let us look at the different Graphic Designers Job Profile.

Top 5 Graphic Designer Jobs

Marketing and Advertising Graphic Designing

Now Marketing Designers are the people who work with the company owners, directors, managers, or marketing professionals to create assets for marketing strategies.

Let us also look at some of the examples of Marketing Graphic Design.

Postcards and Flyers, Magazine and Newspaper Ads, Posters, Banners, and Infographics designs are some types of marketing graphic design. Marketing Graphic Designers also need to design images for website and blogs.

One such blog is golifeinstyle. This blog mostly is an online lifestyle magazine for men and women. And it mainly focuses on health, fitness, fashion, grooming, and lifestyle.

Infographic designing has become very popular in recent years due to the rise of content marketing and social media marketing.

User Interface Graphic Designing

A user interface (UI) is a how a user interacts with a device or application. The UI design is the process of designing interfaces to make them easy to use and provide a user-friendly experience.

Basically, a UI includes everything a user interacts with- the screen, the keyboard, and mouse.  But in the context of graphic design, the graphic designer focuses on all of the on-screen graphic design elements like buttons, menus, micro-interactions, and more.

Web Page Design, Theme Design (WordPress, Shopify, etc), Game Interfaces, and App design are few examples of User Interface Graphic Design.

Publication Graphic Designing

Publications are long-form pieces that communicate with an audience through public distribution. They have traditionally been a print medium.

For example Think Books, Newspapers, Magazines, and Catalogs.

Publication Graphic Designers have to work with editors and publishers to create layouts with carefully selected typography and artwork.

Let us look at some examples of Publication Graphic Design in the digital age.

Digital Books, Digital Newspaper, Digital Newsletters, and Digital Magazines.

Logo Designing

Logo Designing is one of the most popular graphic designing job profiles. There are already millions of people in the world who are working as logo designers.

The goal of the logo designer is to create an imagery design for the brand which can be used to identify the brand.

It is said that simple logo design are the best logo designs and people can easily register a simple logo design by their own.

For example, some of the most remembered logos are of Google, Nike, Reebok, McDonald, and Coco-Cola.

Packaging Graphic Design

Most products require some form of packaging to protect and prepare them for storage, distribution, and sale.

Now packaging designers may be a jack of all trade or specialize in a specific type of packaging (like beverages or labels) or a specific industry (like food or children’s toys).


These are the top 5 job profiles in the graphic designing industry. You can choose the best job profile which suits you according to your passion and knowledge.


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