The Monday Blues, The Coffee and a WorkPlace Environment -Granos De Cafe


Feeling the workweek blues? Have you come to terms with the fact that you can’t, at present, expect more from life because you have so much work to do?

Well, you can always take your work to Granos De Cafe, a comfy spot where the food’s as good as the coffee.

Bring your laptop, have a sandwich and feel good about the fact that, unlike the employees here, no one’s making you wear a bowtie.
One of the newest additions to the Bangalore’s coffee scene, Granos De Cafe has everything you need to spend the day working there.

There are a bunch of comfy couches, group tables with lots of laptop space to exploit the Wifi, and some of the best coffee around. They have the requisite red velvet cheesecake, plus sandwiches, and most importantly amazing frappe!!
Scooping up in an office cubicle all day will drive even the calmest among us crazy. Settle down with free WiFi and a good frappe to get your productivity game at Granos.
Excellent coffee, pastries, and sandwiches are good reasons to go to a place. Add in wifi and a peaceful environment and this is your new office. Definitely post up in the window seats to people-watch the Banglorean natives while you sort of work. Come here at any time of the day, and do not forget to try the cheesecake!
The staff here is friendly, the coffee’s good, and the spacious, cafe feel is opposite to the compact office cabins, giving you a better work atmosphere.
Granos is the kind of place you stumble upon randomly. It’s on the …….. where the city’s grid turns into dumb improvisational peace and it has a cozy neighborhood vibe. They also have wifi and a menu that doesn’t waste your time.


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