How a Marriage Ceremony Led These Two Women To Start-Up- The GoChela Story



Living in a metropolitan city has its own pros and cons.

One of the biggest con is moving from one place or another.

Though, the movement problem is solved through technological innovation such as Uber and Ola, one thing that remains yet to be solved is movement of goods from one place to another within a city.

People in metropolitan cities are busy 24×7 working and striving towards a successful career. They would want to eliminate time taken by small tasks which are not much important in terms of work.

One such elimination would be going to different places for multiple items through traffic stuck roads for multiple small items.

Since the startup vibe has grown in these kind of cities and innovations are happening interms of ideas on  consistent basis.

The vibe and the opportunity led to a startup called Gochela  which was founded by   Saumya Garg and Shilpa Bansal  mentored by Rajat Bansal in 2017.

Journey of Starting Up –

It was in 2017 when both the founders  are from the Management background and were working and faced a problem of sending documents from one area to another, both got together and formed the prototype.

And one day during a marriage ceremony of a relative, they pitched the prototype to Mr. Rajat Bansal ( General Manager in Reliance Jio).You can also refer to a marriage counsellor.

The project was started in July 2017 and it has now become a platform that helps individuals to get employed on part and full time basis and empower women to work in this core team of the startup.

Be it a cheque/document/flowers or anything for suppose, they deliver everything in specified time and address without an default to the product that has been given to them for delivery.

Bringing Efficiency To Work –

We have talked about a lot on the internet on how important is concentrating on critical points of business to achieve goals.You can know more about this at : Awas Yojana List

And One thing that undermines the startup’s importance is that it helps people working in an organization to save time on small tasks and concentration on other important tasks that would increase their efficiency and thus, bring more success to their life.

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Charges –

They have plans and charges on basis of distance . You can find the plans by clicking on the website given below.

Conclusion –

We have talked about efficiency to work, the startup vibe and busy lives in a metropolitan cities. It is remarkable on how one could connect all the points and form a solution to it by starting up.

As They Say and Rightly So –

‘It has always been about the Idea and if you solve a real problem ,you are here to stay’.

Looking at the connect and the work GoChela does,We think that GoChela is here to stay.





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