Glocal Teen Hero- A Platform to Rejuvanate Your Passion


Nepal is known to produce a group of people who are passionate about something from their teenage days but the only problem in our country is the platform at which those teenagers can explore the available opportunities in their respective field of event.22327_949866591724203_4247053472511722204_n

The need of an hour was spotted by Glocal Private Limited and by giving a platform for the tennagers to get  their passion recognized at such an early age, they made a mark in the market of networks by initiating a prograam called “Glocal Teen Hero”.

The overall objective of this initiation is to bring out the teenagers who are doing something from the shadows and create a ripple effect of motivation and a lot can be done by anyone in Nepal and also to appreciate, recognize the teenager.

This is the second year of the first ever program designed to recognize dedicated, passionate and innovative teenagers so as to encourage teenager initiatives in Nepal.

Deadline Apllication date:

30th June, 2016


Glocal Teen Hero



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