GbWhatsapp and It’s Review in 2018



WhatsApp is one of the best social media applications. Infact, its second best standing behind Facebook (parent company that acquired Whatsapp for more than $10 Biilion).

WhatsApp overtook the whole chat applications from BBM and iMessage as these are OS specific while WhatsApp is available for most of the popular Operating Systems. Although we can use only one WhatsApp account on one device, and there are many limitations on the stock WhatsApp application.

In this article, we will be talking about Gb Whatsapp, and it’s top features.

Today we are going to be talking about the GBWhatsApp which is kind of a Modified WhatsApp, which is going to help you with its number of different features.

Unique Features of GBWhatsApp

Hide Online Status: This is an excellent feature with which you can easily hide the online and offline status for specific contacts which was not available with the primary WhatsApp application on offer.

Auto Reply: With this feature, if you are on vacation then you can reply you’re certain friends about the same, and this is just like the auto-reply feature on your mailbox.

Send Larger Media Files: Normal WhatsApp allows only an absolute limit of files to be sent via the app. Although if you want to send larger Media Files, you can use GBWhatsApp in which you can even send full resolution files without compression.

Change Application Icons and Theme: They are the best feature of GBWhatsApp with this you can change the whole look of your WhatsApp with just a few clicks. You can even hide the WhatsApp by giving it a custom icon on your launcher.

These are some of the best features of GBWhatsApp although there are many other features on offer which you can get via the changelog on their official website. Also, GBWhatsApp has another customized WhatsApp application known as WhatsApp Plus which also have a certain amount of great Have you used GBWhatsApp earlier if yes please let us know your views about the form in the comment section below.




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