Follow your love, Sensation is an autocreated then – Sagar Thapa


To live to other’s expectation is one thing, but living up to your own expectation is the other. And the other thing gives you the best feeling ever.

We have studied through various theories of needs, but satisfying yourself is the one which makes you the happiest.

Here we are presenting a man who has done just that throughout his career.  A man who was born in the Harichaur village, Galkot; as the others do even he dreamt of going abroad and get a degree.

He said “He was never comfortable with the style of teaching, and hence had changed 4-5 schools for the completion of his higher and secondary studies”.

But then real soon, he found a talent that were connected to his dreams. A talent to capture the imagination

Well before the talent, he loved to play with animals and at one instance he had dogs, rabbits, cats, and many more indoor kept animals. Such was the love, he decided to enter into the field of wild photography.

You know when you are from a middle class family, you are entitled to do only those activities which would produce good monetary return- Sagar Thapa .

But photography wasn’t the one with good return, so he decided to go to Japan and earn some money for a safe future. Returning back with no present for photography, he decided to click pictures on his own and learn from it. He might not earn big, he might not win big awards; but he does what satisfy him and his expectations.

To anyone and everyone,” Do what you love to!! Fulfill your expectations rather than others, Because you are the one living our life.