Facebook Ads Workshop By HelloMeets- A Proper Guide How To Invest On Facebook Ads

Facebook accounts a community of  2 Billion people in the world of internet.

An average person spends about 30% of his/her time/2 hours a day on social media, and about 2 million people use online advertisements as their main marketing strategy.

You’re reading this because you are a part of community that has helped generate content as per your preferrences , in turn helping others with all the knowledge  about the happenings in the world.

All this won’t be possible without one thing called ”Technology’

Technology has helped economies grow,  create a bubble called startup ecosystem and  companies to transact in billions through inter regional trade/online transactions across the world.

Facebook as well has upgraded its technology and now works on even sophisticated algorithm. It isn’t just about the Like button anymore — and not just because reaction buttons are now in the mix.

In fact, Facebook’s algorithm is by far the most complicated of the three social networks covered in this post.

Before we dive deep into the topic, we would like make you understand what Algorithm is and how does it work!

  1. Usage of Algorithms To Reach Billions and the tweak called Bot!

In July, Mark Zuckerberg announced that his social network had passed a huge milestone–more than 2 billion users logged into Facebook in a single day, Woaha!

But you might have came across thousands of fake ids across Facebook with a low quality picture of a celebrity or business name profiles spamming the friend list with their endless earning opportunities,

and to add to that there are bots based in Russia and Europe through which Facebook drives traffic to ads and creates impressions!

This gives Facebook a way to generate revenues that no one ever thought of!

       1.1 What About The Algorithms They UseTo Drive People On The Paid Advertisements?

Every second you spend on social media is recorded by Facebook and archived in sets and bring you preferences in the News Feed like ‘People You May Know Or Ads of the products that you recently shopped/had an activity on!

Even a single like/comment/share is recorded and sold by Facebook to all the marketers,and lure people to spend more and more after looking at engagement statistics driven either by using the data set in algorithm or  bot traffic

       1.2  Tinning Up The Algorithm!

Have you ever faced a problem on your Facebook page regarding your content reaching about 50% of the fans you have on your page?

Well, This Happens because Facebook makes the pages work hard on reaching the fan page members by tinning the set of data on auto processed algorithms

And this happens because Facebook doesn’t want content on pages to be seen by everyone, which makes people even more interested in spending money on Ads

Well, Money is all that Matters.Bingo!

More and More you advertise, Facebook keeps on tinning the algorithm and lures you into more of investment. One of the recent ex0ample can be Neil Patel’s Video on How did he get 90,000,000 fans by investing $400,000!

You’ll be in a fix of how to optimize Ad campaigns and need a broad scope of content on how to go about things?

Hold Your Seat and Get The Proper Guide On How do You Spend on Facebook Ads!





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