Explore Your Passion And Give A Surprise- BOX O' MAGIC


Surprise! Food! Yes, you heard it right. They deliver surprise baked treats! They make Magic Boxes that impress a soul.
A party with a good food at a reasonable price, a difficult problem to solve!!

Here we bring you the story of a start-up that is a solution for the above stated problem!!The Box O ‘Magic is the specific solution for your above problem.

When you’re passionate about building new things, you need to explore your field of passion; the same is the way the founders Sanketh Y S and Supriya Sri P of Box O’ Magic followed. They regularly visited different places tasting variety of delicacies and always thought of good food while travelling.

Box O’ Magic was ideated and started on 5th June, 2015 by Sanketh Y S and Supriya Sri P .In turn, they wanted to deliver food at reasonable cost for different kind of celebrations and to do that they closely work with bake-stars to reduce the cost and to make fresh with utmost quality and care and love.

Their objective is to bring less known delicacies into limelight and also getting different bakers to work together. They deliver once a month with a prefixed day, you can get it delivered to yourself, gift your loved ones or order in bulk for any occasions/events.

They have taken few initiatives to back to the community. Along with delivering food boxes, they also float coupons / vouchers and products of other for start-ups to help them get visibility and Be A Hero is an initiative to do social good by helping feed hungry or other cause

To end with a special quote from the team of Box O’ Magic-
“Thinking to startup is a exact time to start. Make world a better place to live! ”