Best Entrepreneurship Courses for Students In India


Entrepreneurship – quite a fancy term and not new too! Since the onset of this decade, entrepreneurship has been one of the hot topics for debate. An amazingly popular career choice among youngsters, entrepreneurship has fulfilled many dreams seen by young minds. With the amazing perks that it offers, entrepreneurship is increasingly being chosen as a ‘career option’ by youngsters who find a regular 9-5 job not appealing enough.

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The culture is evolving at such a rate that colleges and universities in India as well as abroad have started offering full-time courses on entrepreneurship. Between 1990 and 2014, the number of courses being offered has touched an all time high of 2000+. Such is the craze for entrepreneurship.

And, it is justified too! After all, who does not want to be their own boss? Who does not want to enjoy a complete freedom and power over their work schedule? Not to forget here, the monetary benefits that it brings! Every successful company today on the face of Earth was once an entrepreneur’s dream who nurtured it with passion, success and hard work.

The trend has seen an upward graph in India too and here we bring for you top 3 entrepreneurship courses for students in India –

iSEED (Indian School of Entrepreneurship)

Indian School of Entrepreneurship is one of the premier institutes for entrepreneurship studies. Having independent programs for entrepreneurs, start ups, aspiring students and corporations, iSEED makes sure that it has something for everyone. Does not matter whether you are a beginner or an established start-up, iSEED have an appropriate program for you! The complete list of the programs is as follows:

  • For Entrepreneurs
  1. Graduate Entrepreneur Program (GEP)
  2. Professional Entrepreneurship Program (PREP)
  3. Women for Innovative and Sustainable Entrepreneurship (WISE)
  4. Leadership and Entrepreneurship Advancement for Dalits (LEAD)
  • For Start-ups
  1. Start-up Resource Enablement Program (SREP)
  2. Building the entrepreneurial muscle
  3. Funding success for start-ups
  4. Leadership for entrepreneurships
  5. Market Development for Technology Ventures
  6. Social Media Workshop for Entrepreneurs
  7. Teaming in Entrepreneurial Ventures
  • For Aspiring Students
  1. Student Entrepreneurship Program
  • For Corporations
  1. Innovation
  2. Intrapreneurship
  3. Internal Venturing

So, if you have an idea in your mind and are confident enough of running a successful business on it, then what are you waiting for! Explore the courses now.

Another Institute in Northern India is – Amity University, Noida


The first entrepreneurial school of India with a motto ‘E-Schools, Going Beyond B-Schools’ , Indian Institute of Entrepreneurship, Management and Technology is a great choice if you are looking forward to doing something out of the box. Located in Mumbai, the institute offers various programs not only for budding entrepreneurs but also for the ones having established start-ups and looking forward to taking them a step ahead.

Here is a complete list of programs –

  • For Entrepreneurs/Aspiring entrepreneurs
  1. Entrepreneurship Programme
  2. Family Business Management Programme
  3. Women Entrepreneurship Programme
  • For Executive Management
  1. Intrapreneurship Programme
  • For Busy Business Owner
  1. Practical Business Growth programme Level-I
  2. Practical Business Growth Programme Level-II
  • For Career Oriented
  1. Project Management
  2. General Business Management
  3. Marketing and Sales Management
  4. Finance Management
  5. HR Management ‘
  • For Job Oriented with Placement Assistance
  1. Beyond Personality Development (Employability Skills)
  • For Everyone
  1. Wealth and Legacy Management Programme

All the above courses are designed and taught by real-life entrepreneurs and consultants.

Another reputed college in Mumbai offering top notch entrepreneurship program is D.Y Patil Vidyapeeth, Mumbai.

NSRCEL (Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore)


Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore – a dream college for many! But little known is the fact that IIM-B also has something for entrepreneurs. If you are more oriented towards running something of your own rather than pursuing MBA, even then IIM-B has something for you!

N.S.Raghavan Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning (NSRCEL) was founded to nurture budding entrepreneurs. The women start-up programme offered by the institute has received world-wide acclaim. The programme is supported by department of Science and Technology (DST) and Goldman Sachs. Specially framed for women, this programme can be a real game changer for both you and your start-up!

The other courses offered by the institute are also equally popular.

The following is a complete list of courses offered by the institute –

  • Management Programme for Women Entrepreneurs (MPWE)
  • Management Programme for Entrepreneurs and Family Businesses
  • Online Courses

SPJIMR, Mumbai

S.P. Jain Institute of Management and Research, Mumbai is one of the top business schools of the country. The institute, following the trend and looking after the needs of the present era, also expanded its curriculum to incorporate entrepreneurship studies. Dividing into six modules, the start your business programme is one of the finest programmes on entrepreneurship in the country.

The following is a complete list of courses offered –

  • Start Your Business Programme (SYB)
  • Grow Your Business Programme (GYB)


If you have decided that entrepreneurship is what actually you want to do in life, if there is an idea in your brain that inspires you enough to quit your regular 9-5 job, then you are all set to become an example for many! Hard work is a vector quantity. Along with the magnitude, the direction is equally important else all will go in vain.

The above is a list of top 4 courses. There are many more too! Entrepreneurship is a vast field and if you actually are passionate then sky is the limit for you. Cheers! Good luck.





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