Emotions Plunder Through Pictures- S.K.S Photography



An image can be the source of numerous emotions, thus it depends a lot on the snapper to get the best of the lot – Youths Era

Today, the social media plays an important role in an artist’s career. When people hear of you, they look into their social media pages to get a better and bigger picture of the artist. And besides, it is a great way to brand yourself and your work.

Let us take you through the source of inspiration of the person who has been fetching fans towards him through his photography skills. The journey to follow his passion started 2 and half years ago, when he created a Facebook Page SKS Photography administered by Shaishab Kishor Shrestha.

His inspiration comes from little things, like someone’s smile, a big laugh, someone’s happiness. There are few propel from whom he got inspired to Mr. Benjamin Von Wong and Mr. Kishor Kayastha.

You can find wide range of posts in his page that are either related to fashion photography or event coverage or jewelry photography or nature photography.
Abide the way you are, don’t change the work you enjoy, just change the process, Be Smart