Digitizing The Tradition of Gaushala’s -The EGauhsala’s Story


With the emergence of entrepreneurial ventures, there has been a great development in all sorts of industries like global business, E-commerce, education, food and agricultural and so on. With the rise of new business ideas, come new trends and concepts to make it, even more, advance and profitable.

But, not everything runs on the profitable grounds, some NGOs and NPOs still manage to do the good towards the society while extracting the best out of the resources available. Today, the best resource available to anyone anywhere is the internet, undoubtedly.

Through the collective efforts of people from everywhere on the internet, concerning over the same cause, some capital is raised by a large pool of individuals for that business model, of course in the return of some desired interests or some part of play in the cause. This unconventional or reverse use of the funnel of business model can be termed as crowdfunding on which, a lot of organizations work.

Coming back to NGOs and NPOs, we all can see Gaushalas near our house which is nothing but a shelter for cows to provide them with food and utmost care and runs with the donation from people.

The same concept has been revised and brought on the internet by EGaushala which enables you to make the same donations and even more than that, only with a click. This has given the practice of crowdfunding a good cause and anyone around the world can be a part of it.

The EGaushala has received a lot of appreciation from people because of its simple approach to a very generic act of taking care of cows. Not only can you donate money but also buy various products, locate the nearest Gaushala in your locality, look out to stay in one if you wish to and of course, become a Gaurakshak by voluntarily participating to look after cows.

What makes this crowdfunding platform even better is that it aims at resolving some major yet unresolved issues that lie within any other cow shelter. Generally, they lack requisites at their disposal to ensure a healthy running home or cows or even a healthy cow, for that matter. This platform on the internet has got sourced from a lot of people and has raised awareness among them.

This way, they get better donations and the otherwise gone unattended Gaushalas under their surveillance runs sound and cows remain healthy. This has played its part towards the betterment of the society, development of rural India, the agriculture industry, holy sentiments of many people who worship cows and of course raising awareness as their significant role for the supply of some basics like cow dung, cow urine, dairy products, organic farming, income resources for the rural people and the white revolution too.




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