The Booming Saga of EduTech Platforms, A Govinda Connection and The Story- Handa ka Funda


With more than 1250 EduTech startups across India.

A record high of more than 5,00,000 students preparing for the competitive exams in 2016

A Market capital of more than $500 million and a promising technology in development has led to high quality education available at affordable prices

With the help of behavioural information & social media traces, EduTech startups have innovated at regular intervals and helped students to build academic profiles to get selected in top colleges across the globe.

Here we come up with a story of one of the1250 EduTech startup  called ‘Handa Ka Funda

An online portal which provides online coaching for CAT and banking exams.

One problem that this sector has faced has been about Middle Class people unable to afford the high tuition fees  for such competitive exams.

Handa Ka Funda helps in solving the cost problem by having installment payment system, and also their cost for courses are low compared to the settled players in the market.

The Husband-Wife Duo of Ravi and Neha Handa started the portal on 10th of Jan 2013. The domain name was inspired by Govinda’s song, ravi primarily used the domain for his writing projects and quiz projects

And In 2013, They moved it to CAT coaching completely to work in this domain.

When asked about the development of the idea and how they shaped it,

Ravi stated that ‘He has an experience of nearly half a decade in the teaching field, and thought of taking it online would be a good idea. They tried it with free courses and after a good response from the crowd, they decided to move to a paid version for the courses.

Compared to market’s standards of about 2-3% of the free users converting into the paid one’s. Handa ka Funda had converted 5%+ of its free users into the paid one’s.

With more than 10000 students on board for their online courses from 50+ cities in India,

One of the major vision Handa ka Funda revolves around is to make Coaching ‘Easy and Reasonable’ for students to prepare for competitive exams’

With the evolution of technologies such as cloud computing, BTC/USD, data centers and virtualization and its integration with the education industry, education and coaching institutions are witnessing a rapid rise in enrolments and added revenue – Systweak.




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