Ecstatic About Crackers? Harmful for Animals!!-


Diwali, is known as the ‘Festival of Lights’ as we all know. It is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm and vigour in almost all parts of the country. People of all age groups enjoy the festival to their heart’s content. But have we ever thought about the animals that we have at home?

I have personally seen it. For animals, especially dogs, bursting crackers is equivalent to dropping nuclear bombs near them. But people never notice this fact. I have always been of the view-point that if you can’t look after the needs of a dog, don’t get it in the first place. It does not justify anything. Just because you want a “higher” status in the society does not mean you will torture the poor animal. So, six years back my Labrador retriever, Ruby was in the veranda when I brought out my crackers for bursting them. So, the moment I set off the first cracker she literally freaked out, any dog would do that and I ignored.
But the next day I realised that she wouldn’t even come out of the bedroom. Even the slightest noise would agitate her. This really worried me and my parents alike. That’s when I realised that the sole reason for this was the loud noise caused due to the festival.
But such a damage is irreparable. Trust me guys, once a dog starts to fear a particular thing it will haunt him/her forever. Also, I know some people whose dogs have run away from their homes because they were too scared and the people simply neglected their needs. Most of these dogs meet with road accidents because they are too confused to do or understand anything. One has to literally sit and spend time with their dog and help it come over its fear and return back to normal.
“Please Avoid Firecracker. If at all it is Necessary, Please Burst in a small volume and also those which doesn’t cause noise arrear”- Pranav Joshi

Animals are living beings too and they have the right to live comfortably and at ease just like us. So please let’s not violate their rights and co-exist peacefully.

Happy Diwali!!
Pranav Joshhi
Youths Era Co-Writers Club