Dream Big, Yet Start Small- The Great Centurion Story


With more than 45% of the children’s and adults above 2 years having not pursued primary education, there have been loads of initiative towards providing education in backward areas such as HopeforNepal, HandswithHands and many more.
Let us take you through the story of one such initiative who have taken the step in the world of management by starting to manage two government schools. They have specifically chosen government schools because of negligence of officials towards the resources and the value of education.13882452_1810370582530917_1526372292722118213_n
Founded in First week of July, 2016 by Eva Manandhar and Sagendra. “The Great Centurion” wants to set an example to the government and the schools around Nepal that if good resources I.e. human and financial resources to put in to the right place and see how this system can work best and how education can flourish.
Now, looking into the context of political scenario in Nepal, government here is not stable and other parties act as counterparts on either side are always looking to concentrate on dethroning the opposition from the state of power instead of concentrating towards co-partnering and working together to use the avail resources and manage them to optimum.
Eva Manandhar looks after working in the education of the children’s and Sagendra looks after mergers with big schools for the resources and till now they have planned to collect donate Rs.365 each a rupee per day throughout the year from 5000 people.
All of us are motivated to work through the system. Sagendra and Eva both had been the working in teach for Nepal where they understood the essence of education to the children.
They see themselves sticking to these schools for a long time in hope of a broad network of schools in the near future where similar modules under our watch can work better.
They are planning to coordinate with the government agencies and other social organizations in the near future for assistance and also currently they have intra initiatives like mid-day meals. Extracurricular activities from field visits to making skills based classes available.13718755_1804976649736977_2173491780829400943_n
Hail the efforts! We look to Support Great Centurion in every possible manner to see education being prospered all over Nepal, Go THE GC- Youths Era

A simple philosophy of “Dream big, yet start small” however never stop working through your dreams. They either make you or lets you learn wonderful things in life- The Great Centurion


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