Delhi Government Announces Free Coaching For NEET and JEE Aspirants


In India, NEET and JEE are the most popular entrance exams conducted every year for granting admissions in medical and engineering colleges. Considering the difficulty level of the exams, the majority of the students opt for coaching classes for getting a better insight. However, there are many students who fail in their endeavor of having a bright future as it is not possible for them to afford the coaching due to financial constraints.

In view of this, JEE and NEET free coaching for students has been organized by government of Delhi in collaboration with Career Launcher.

Throwing light on the facts, it has specially focused on helping government school students who obviously won’t be able to afford expensive coaching for exams like NTA NEET 2019. This initiative will help the Delhi government school students to attain similar academic excellence as other students. This will surely have a great social impact on the masses.

How will it be made possible?

To be a part of this great opportunity and have a social impact, Career Launcher, one of the prime institutions of our country that provides coaching, has stepped to give that free coaching to the students aspiring for NEET and JEE.

This coaching will facilitate the students to have a hang of the things important from the examination point of view. As per the deal between Career Launcher and the Delhi Government, special crash courses would be the way to train JEE and NEET aspirants.

This new policy will be into effect for the batch of students who are currently in 12 and are planning to appear for NEET or JEE. For it to be easier for the students, training sessions will be organized for the Delhi Government school teachers as well which will further help students to be well educated about the entire curriculum.

The government is also planning to further add and reach out to more test conducting agencies as well and turn them into teaching centers. They will not be charging any fees for it and help talented students reach where they are supposed to.

Why coach students?

Over the past few years, the number of students being selected in prime institutions after giving JEE and NEET has increased six-fold. This is all because of the presence of coaching centers like Career Launcher and teachers who help the students to approach the exams with the right methodology. Taking this into consideration, the government has approached Career Launcher for coaching students.

Through the coaching, the students will get a more scientific outlook to exams like JEE or NEET. Moreover, more and more students would be attracted to the science stream which usually doesn’t happen due to the lack of affordable coaching centers.

The coaching curriculum

The Delhi government in collaboration with Career Launcher has already developed a curriculum which the students need to follow religiously for NEET or JEE entrance exam preparation. In all, each student will get 130 hours of training for the four main subjects which are Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics.

The classes are scheduled to begin on 21st January 2019 wherein every student will be attending the classes after school for a duration of 3 hours every day from 7 pm to 10 pm. The most convenient part of the whole curriculum is that each student will have a secure individual login credential given by Career Launcher. This will help them attend these classes from home pretty easily.

Additionally, students will have access to all the important study material through the same portal along with online tests that will be taken and which will help them build their confidence easily. These test series have been specially designed to give the students a real exam experience. All of it will be free of cost.

The benefits

This scheme by the Delhi government is supposed to be a great help for economically backward students studying at the government schools of Delhi as they will be able to avail proper coaching for NEET or JEE at no cost. Initiatives like these assure bright future and a genuine chance for students who otherwise fail to prepare adequately for entrance exams due to financial constraints.

More such initiatives are needed in our country for providing equal academic opportunities to the students of our nation. Hope that students will be able to make the maximum of it.



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