The Coupons and Deals Market Place Analysis ,Powered By DealsShutter


It is one of the fastest growing verticals in India. The reason behind its growth rate of more than 15% is the reason for its service.

It is said that the parallel growth of multi-billion dollar e-commerce market has helped the deals marketplace to be valued at more than 35 million dollars.

The market has more than 100 mini and significant players with deals and cashback offers from 100+ offline retail stores and 50+ online stores across India.

It helps a typical Indian to choose from the variety of options available readily in the market which is supported by deals/discounts/cash back on the ready-made array provided by different companies across the online and offline stores.

One fantastic ability of the market has been to be able to adopt to the offline market which has more options with ease of delivery on the same day. This flexibility allows the efficient working of the model of providing a percentage from the commission with the help of economies of scale.

In this article, we will be talking about one such company which has adopted to deals marketplace by going both online and offline.

Since we have read about the flexibility of the market, one such thing that has made the difference for the company is that they are operating and targeting Tier 2/3 cities.This helps them to further tap into the market potential and extract more business, unlike its competitors.

Tarundep Singh founded Dealsshutter in 2017, and hard after a year, Dealsshutter has more than 1000 paying customer and 20+ team members doing the job.

Dealsshutter has used the flexibility of targeting even the smallest of retail stores in Tier2/Tier 3 cities for them to cover audience and move towards economies of scale.

It has been entirely a journey for them and now, they target to bring more than 10,000 customers aboard by the end of Half of 2018.

Conclusion –

The Hyper Local Market and E-commerce are already having a massive competition within themselves; this has paved the way to lowest of prices of products. The Cashback and Coupon market has now even helped those prices go down with discounts and wallet credit options. In this way, one can say this is disrupting the marketplace and also helping chain of stores online, and offline grow along with the same pace.


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