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It all started with an opening of few companies that promoted online shopping, a way to fulfill all your needs at one particular place; Thus, saving time and money!

Problems evolve! First, those companies solved the problem of having a  platform to satisfy all of the shopping needs at one place. It Led to this –

With an increase of about 75% in Online purchases in India from 2012-2016, Number of players in the market is increasing as well to offset the demand and supply.

There are hundreds of companies selling products online and with an increase in product range, people are finding it difficult while searching for the best deals available for a particular product.

In fact, the whole e-commerce industry is valued at more than $525 billion with more than 250 million active consumers buying online.

And the evolved problem is – Finding the same product on every site can be a lengthy and an irritating activity, and there’s the opportunity to solve a problem.


Let us introduce a company that helps one solve the problem of best deals, valid coupons for multiple online stores across the country.


Dealivore is an exclusive platform that keeps every visitor notified of the best deals, updated coupons or a new offer on a product.

The Platform Dealivore has tied up with more than 100 online stores to get deals that will satisfy the need of every person visiting the store.


According to a report on Cashback Industry in India, there are about 35 companies in the market with total venture capital investment of $4 Billion.

The Global Cashback Industry is valued at $84 Billion and India accounts 35% of the total valuation.

In the same report, it was stated that 64% of online consumers belong to a loyalty rewards site and a whopping  71% of online shoppers want products with high CashBack rebates.

Let us introduce a company that helps one solve the problem of best deals, valid coupons for multiple online stores across the country.


Founded by Kashaf Shaikh, Dealivore’s vision helps more than 300,000 people to gather all of their shopping requirements at one place and get those requirements fulfilled with amazing gift/discount vouchers!

Kashaf Shaikh is one of the few women entrepreneurs in India has,  a young and dynamic personality worked previously as a marketing consultant and is also a national awardee from Computer Society of India.

A Role Model, an Inspiration and a Businessperson in India, that’s a very tough ask for a woman in this country but  Kashaf Shaikh has stood tall on all of the society’s cliché statements on ‘Women Not Capable of Doing Business’.

How Do They Differentiate From Their Competitors?

Dealivore has a specially dedicated team for all of their customer queries and it also differentiates itself from other competitors in the same niche market by providing a detailed description of products.

And the deals found here are not only about shopping but also on vacation packages, flight rewards, hotel bookings and much more!

With an easy interface, Dealivore gives you trusted and handpicked coupons/vouchers; Thus, the audience is free from unwanted/spam links!


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