Need Your Website Security Audity?Cyber Threat Diagonized By InfoSec Future


We have heard about hackathons, brands paying thousands of dollars to report bugs on their website/app

But Small Startups won’t be able To afford thousands of dollars to report bugs on their system.

And with an increase in information threats and security beaches, startups are in a huge need of someone to handle all of their security issues.

Hiring a Full-Time would be expensive.

So do what? Outsource all your security needs to InfoSec Future Private Limited. 

Founded by Mr. Arvind K. Singh and Ms. Shefali Kushwaha, the company got incorporated on 12th July 2017, and started it’s operations on 21st July 2017, however, first phase of website was launched on 7th August 2017.

In an exclusive interview with the Founders,

Youths Era asked them about The Future of Security and InfoSec Future

Founders – ‘After all, all are susceptible to threats with the advent of digital platforms. But, start-ups and SMEs cannot afford the prices at which society is available currently. InfoSec Future works on this idea of providing them the security services they require at their affordable prices’.

InfoSec Future has been recognized as a startup under the Startup India campaign.

The Founder MeetUp –

In June, when Dr. Arvind got his idea validation from around 100 real time customers, he started hunt for a like-minded co-founder. His hunt ended when he Met Miss. Shefali, a fresh graduate from IIM kashipur, who was equally fascinated and enthusiastic as Dr. Arvind. Then, they drafted out plans for Company starting in first week of July, and got their company registered on 12th July 2017.

Contributing To The Society –

The only motive of InfoSec Future is to secure the digital India. Cyber threats are on a boom and one needs to take measures against them. Threat to information means threat to customers, threat to products and most important, threat to trust, which no torrent site company wants. InfoSec Future strives to maintain that trust by securing the digitally available information and secure the society as a whole.


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