Connect & Co-ordinate,a way to go- Social Scientists

Startups don’t have huge funds to have a great team nor to hire professionals. – Social Scientists

Here we bring you the story of a start-up whose idea is a conglomerate of different solutions which they found for their hard times in starting up.

FOUNDERS : Sanketh Y S
Amrit Shanbagh

Social Scientists is a platform where different start-ups can collaborate with another for their mutual growth. They can collaborate with one another, get services for free / discounted cost, involve themselves in growth hacking initiatives and also their informal meetups.

These are the startups owned by the same person have birth to a new idea.
A) Libmyth is a digital collaborative community where you can read, write and publish your writings maybe in a short note or bundled expressions as a book.
B) Framed World is a creative collective which is into photography, video production, graphic design and content development and many other things.
C) Happiness Returned, to achieve the goal of funding through merchandising.
D) There were many orphanages and schools lacking teachers and initiated; So Conectado, started to Connect and Share the Talents with less privileged group of People!
E) Book Building is a start up with an aim of making Books, education affordable and accessible to everyone. Rent, Exchange or Buys Books at its best price!
F) Foodie dates to build a community of food lovers and to encourage story telling over table.

All of these start-ups were founded one after another to solve a problem in the previous start-up. There were co-entreprenurs seeking help and when I realised these problems cannot be solved by one person, started Social Scientists. Later, with Amrith and along with their mentor Ahaan opened Social Scientists so that the upcoming generation of start-ups would not have to face the same problem as they did in their past.

Dare To Dream, Do the Work and If You Let-Up, You Lose- Social Scientists

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