Coffee, cake or pasta? This Bangalore café has all your favourite things.


Be it early mornings, tiresome afternoons or chilly evenings, it’s always refreshing to sip a freshly-brewed delicious cup of coffee. The best coffee – if it’s made right – gives you a heady sense of satisfaction! A whiff of roasted beans, is thoroughly refreshing and meant to be savoured and lingered over!

This one’s for our fellow caffeine junkies who, like us, jealously guard their prime brew and are always on the prowl for the best coffee joints in town.

Blonde wood-slated tables and cutesy chairs would greet you as soon as you step into this adorable cafe and you’ll be taken a back immediately by the unbelievably homey scents of freshly-brewed coffee! If you look around you’ll find regular patrons already plonked down at their favorite tables, jabbing away at their laptops and tablets, steaming mugs of coffee already placed at their elbows. This is an our kinda joint! Give their Hot Chocolate a shot coffee lovers!

This is indeed a hidden gem in the narrow busy lanes of the Banglore. A very small yet cute place with soothing ambience.
With rather simple décor and interior, do not take Granos lightly as you probably are in for one of the most amazing experiences. Don’t think we’re doing it over the top if we tell you that these guys have the best coffee in that rate. Especially the Mocaccino and Iced café Mocha are to die for! All you coffee fanatics, check out for yourselves!!


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