What is cloud security and is cloud storage really secure these days


    What is cloud security?

    Cloud security is the process of securing the data stored in the respective cloud accounts and not letting any untrusted person gain access to it. Users however have been confused in whether they should invest their data in the clouds or not as data threats is one the biggest emerging problem of today.

    Cloud computing security:

    Cloud computing security is the policy and set of control based technologies created to adhere to the regulatory compliance rules to protect data applications, programs, and the infrastructure associated with cloud computing. It addresses the security controls provided by the cloud company to maintain customer data security&compliance with necessary regulations.

    Is my data safe and secure in the cloud?

    The priority objective for all the cloud accounts since day one is to maintain utmost security of the data stored in their faith. Google for example views security as their main competency based on vast years of experience in protecting services like Search and Gmail. In short, most of the users switched to cloud storage due the fact that they were security conscious and not price conscious. The perception is that people shift to it as it is free of cost but the past records are a bit far from reality.

    It is important to know how data is being stored in the cloud to understand the security provided by the cloud. It is done in the following two ways:

    Dedicated infrastructure:

    Customers are not allotted shared resources but dedicated machines. For example, you have an entire apartment for yourself but to do that, you need to pay a high cost. The providers of the cloud service interfere only when you want them to.

    Shared infrastructure:

    Multiple customers are given resources from drives/storage of a single machine. This however, diminishes the trust of customers making them a bit reluctant in storing their data. It’s like you own an apartment in a building and nobody would enter your apartment unless you leave the door open. Hence, by well managed authentication, you can reduce the chance of a security breach from happening.

    Factors that make your data vulnerable in cloud:

    • If someone cracks your password, they can gain access to your data using your password. In addition, try creating a password not to be guessed easily as if it is, than you would find your data going down the drain.
    • Viruses: since the birth of computer, viruses have existed and are impossible to eliminate. They corrupt local copies of cloud data and makes them unreadable. If however your computer automatically uploads copies to the cloud, then you can overwrite the cloud copies with corrupt copies. But remember that this issue is part of your machine and not cloud.

    Hence, data threats would exist as they were present in the past, are part of the present and would continue to exist in the future. It’s hard to eliminate them but you still can reduce the risk involved in it. Third party software and tools exists that are made to tackle issues arising from this emerging market of cloud storage. Users prefer it as they get what they want (space to store data for free). For instance, cloud security software from newsoftwares.net is made available to help the security conscious users relax knowing they got something to rely on. In short, cloud storage is a necessity but your experience could further be improved using a third party software.


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