Following The Dream of Bringing Business Through Internet, The Cleardry Story


According to a report on Forbes by Euromonitor International, the on-demand laundry service market is valued at $76 Billion.

About 80% of the sector’s startups are functioning in metropolitan cities and with an increase in usage of internet by 10 x in tier 2 and tier 3 cities in the last 3 years, an opportunity beckoned.

This opportunity led to a startup called Cleardry in Amritsar. Founded by Sahil Mahajan ,Rahul Mahajan ,Mohini Goel on 16th March 2017, Cleardry is an On-Demand Professional Laundry Service platform which helps people to get all of their laundry and dry cleaning services.

The Founders are software engineers and had a family business in the same field, their technical skills in combination with management background was a perfect match for a startup.

People have come up with their theories to expand the existing business to gain an extra fruit in the market and some said the comfortable life one would live while building the existing business.

Startup was in the blood of the founders and their dream of leading their own company had to be lived.

The founders have always been fond of bringing business on internet but a problem of people being not so familiar with internet was a tough one to tackle with.

In addition, there is always a trust problem in tier 2 cities; people there don’t trust a new company that easily as in the case of metropolitan city.

The team at Cleardry had the vision of driving quality service to gain the trust, and the vision had put them on the right track that led them to become a brand which was recognized by brands like Mannyavar, Chumnmun, Country Inn and many others.

In an exclusive interview with the Founders, they stated that

‘One main reason why people are taking up ‘Professional Laundry Service’ is that they don’t want their expensive clothes to torn down or even have a black shade on their colorful dress.

When you compare time frame taken by a local vendor and professional service provider, Professionals are more on time and low on excuses. As people are getting busy after every passing day, professional laundry service provider always has the last laugh’.

Cleardry now provides multiple services such as drcleaning, laundry,sofa spa, carpet spa,fabric softening, starching, wash & iron,etc, with pickup and drop facility within 8 hours of Working Time.

If you have a bulk requirement, then you can subscribe to their ‘Express and Normal Delivery’ Plans which would help the customers to choose what they would want and How They would want the service to be done.

One can place an order via their app or a phone call or just by logging on to the website:


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