ChatterBox, Are you the One Who Can Talk For Hours? Yeah? Better Be There,Then-


In to today’s world, people born in 1900’s think of people to network beyond the social media platform and meet each other in a person and have a talk.

Well the people of 1900’s, we have got a good news for you!

An event named Chatterbox by Tenterhooks, which will have an open mic platform where one obtains the floor to not just speak and leave, it’s about getting an insight into other people’s lives, about growing and learning together in those three hours and building a good rapport.

You would be raising questions on what Tenterhook does and how is it related to the event?

Well, we have got an answer for this as well!

Processed with VSCO
Processed with VSCO

Tenterhooks is a community/organization based out of Pune hosting open-mic events/talk shows and poetry meets across multifarious cities in India. Founded by Shailee Basu (age 16) is studying Humanities at Modern College of Art, being a huge fan of creativity she has fondness for spoken word poetry, penchant for writing and believes in accentuating the little things in life. Navy seals of the creative world (Tenterhook Crew) organize open-mic events which mostly include poetry slam, extempore, story-telling, spoken word performances, dramatics, stand-up comedy/satire and musical performances.

“To the speaker in you, to the awkward imaginative introvert in you, to the dramatist in you, to the poet in you, to the performer in you, to the artist in you and to the magnum opus in you, you deserve the mic and platform to showcase your creativity and we at tenterhooks strive to give you that. Buckle up for one frenetic roller coaster ride which will leave you on tenterhooks! “

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