Change Is The Motive of Inspiration- Nelson Tauro


In this Modern Age of Technology, Science and Development everything is growing very fast but the sad part is even today in this generation most of the kids are abandoned and we can find them begging in the streets. This is due to the deaths of HIV/AIDS affected persons, re-marriage of deserted / widowed / divorce women, absence of love and security in the families, Family disputes, Unwanted pregnancy of Trafficking / Sexually exploited girls; these orphan and street children are left without care and support. These children are involved in rag picking; pick pocketing and participating in anti-social, criminal activities etc.

He is just a 23 year old person from a normal middle class family. Everyone will have great dreams about their life to be a Businessman, Doctor, Software Engineer etc., even he had such huge dreams but everything changed when he met a small baby called Sofia Susan (his sweet Panda) She is a girl child abandoned from her parents as she was growing up in my life, she used to spend time with her always teaching her and playing with her. Being with her made him realize ‘What it is to not have a Parent in life’ that thought inspired him , that emotional feeling of not having a great Supporting Dad and always loving and caring Mom .Just imagine, how will your life be when you get independent without parents? That thought Inspired and motivated him to become a Social Worker in life and do something good in the society 🙂

The World has everything but do you know what it lacks the most?
It’s….. Love.
People are always busy with their life but there is no time for them to spend for their loved ones. So he decided to help orphaned kids and guide them in the right path. Actually Orphan is not the right word to be used the best word is “Angels” or “Special Children”, and he founded an Orphonage named St.Gaspar Charitable and Education Trust.We take care of the children who are left out or thrown out of the society. We believe that all are blessed and the kids are so special so we provide them Shelter, Food, Education and take care of their Medical and all other expenses. They are Not orphans, even they have a family it is us and our family is Bigger than everyone’s family. We care and give them the love they lack in their life.

Always remember,
“Life is very Short, So Stop Dreaming, Wake up and do something Worthy in your life”

We waste a lot of money for ourselves and friends for Movies and Entertainment etc. . . . At least once in a while try Helping a child and see the joy in the child’s face and I’m sure you will feel a happiness in your heart which can never be explained. So as he got Inspired and motivated, he is sure a lot of people will get in to social work and help children’s who need love and care, because the future is in the hands of the youths.

“He dreams of a day in the world where there is no child abandoned in the streets and every child gets proper care, education, basic necessities and above all love.”

I alone can’t make this happen it’s impossible, but together we can make it possible for the dream of others.
“We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone; be the change, inspire, and motivate and make others to Change.- NELSON TAURO C


  1. Nelson my dear bro u have done such a wonderful job keep doing for the angles n cuty ones let me for any hlp too ….grt job donr in such a young age with great n creative thought

  2. Cool bro all the best for your future let me know if u need any help from my side and it is good to have a friend like you

  3. So proud to have you as a cousin, brother! You sure are doing a great job for your age and you always is an inspiration. Proud younger brother here! 🙂

  4. Hey u r doing a grt job buddy.. I knw many ppl ll b telling dis but very few r actually willing to help.. Really proud to have a friend like u.. Keep up d good work bro

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