This cafe contradicted everything we knew about Bangalore when we arrived



Eureka! Eureka! Granos De Cafe is the latest discovery in Bangalore for everyone who love cafe hopping. 

Bangalore and economic expenditures, seems like an oxymoron under construction. But what if oxymorons do exist, like in this particular case. As a newcomer in the city, there was a lot of exploration that was conducted, and a lot money spent out to get the experiences the places have to offer. In this venture, we stumbled across a cafe, Granos De Cafe in BTM.

What’s curious about this place was, in the middle of one of the busiest places in Bangalore, the cafe offered remarkably soothing ambiance, filled with appetizing aromas from the open kitchen. And most importantly, since money is the matter raised here, the menu was highly economical. And since, expenditures became the least of our concern, we went ahead to see what else this place had to offer. And this is what we discovered…

1) Peaceful place to hang out
If you have been a die-hard or even a mild fan of TV series like Friends, How I Met Your Mother, and such, there is one thing you certainly crave. Yes, you got it right, a place to hang out with friends. And no doubt, the environment, quality of servings, economy, everything points to perfection in this regard.

2) Your own office when you are your own boss
With sheer numbers of professionals working freelance in the city, a lot more visiting regularly, this would be one stop place to overdose on coffee and dig into sandwiches and laptops to make your time productive without spending big bucks. Simply, less expenses and more productivity, isn’t it the mantra we need to chant?

3) Therapy, figuratively but stands trueGranos De Cafe
Psychiatrists are expensive, but so is shopping, good food, OCD for cleanliness, peace and in general, everything that can keep you sane.  That considering excess expenditures aren’t already driving you mad. In which case, this is your place to find it all, and lose yourself in turn. Read a book, talk, think, meditate, ponder over the meaning of life, the universe and everything, seek nirvana, take your pick. Sit, relax, order, and don’t worry! Kitchen is clean (much more than your own), snacks are tasty (much much more than I can make), and everything right in the zones of comfort.

Intrigued? Well, they also have offers and many interesting little things up their sleeves, so be on the lookout for Granos De Cafe. So, go ahead, munch munch, chomp chomp, sip sip and keep the Foodie in you, along with yourself, alive!



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