Cabulo’ – One app, Many solutions for Outstation Travellers.


There are many cabs and taxis that provide services in a city like Hyderabad, and as there is an increase in the  usage of smartphones and internet, the ease of booking cabs over the internet has sealed the deal for the ab companies! Mainly the metropolitan cities have usage of cabs and taxis due various reasons. Also due to the issues of privacy, safety and convenience taxi transportation has increased the business for these startups.

But for those people travelling outstation, the challenges are still the same. Although technology has changed many things, the travelling problems for going outstation the city are still the same. Infact there are number of private taxi service providers for outstation, but there lacks a reliability and uniformity among those. This makes the user to get struggled for travelling outside the city. It is of user’s own risk to try a taxi service by comparing with all other services in terms of reliability and convenience. This is where the user loses time and may get compromised with the available services, despite of other unseen challenge.

A hyderabad startup called ‘Cabulo’ seem to have rose as if to address the vows of people travelling outside the city limits. Although there are few companies like ola offering cabs outside the city, there are still practical constraints while booking those cabs. ‘Cabulo’ is an exclusive application that gives the user, price estimates between selected destinations which are outside the city. It also gives detailed information about the pricing to ensure transparency at the both ends. This unique feature was made possible by bringing all the quality taxi vendors under one roof of ‘Cabulo’ considering their pricing slabs.

Cabulo’ services diversified as, they also provide airport cab services from the city and towards the city. Also there are cab services based on hourly – Car rentals which also can be viewed with comparative pricing among various vendors. Even for those who want to take a break and go for a long ride, ‘Cabulo’ provides ‘Self-driven’ cars on daily rental basis. All of their services are location based and can be tracked upon maps, for safety and convenience.

Cabulo is the only startup in india that came up with the unique and transparent policy for convenient inter-city taxi booking. Cabulo services are currently run across cities like Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Warangal, Visakhapatnam. It is expected that they would extend their services further to other small cities and towns in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. It is also planned get launched in metros such as Bangalore, Mumbai and Chennai.

Cabulo’’ is a Hyderabad startup lead by an young entrepreneur “Saad Md.(ADP)”. He has set an example that, how one can try to think different and get succeeded. Although the path he chose had many ups and downs, he believed his skills and stuck to the task and now that has grown as ‘Cabulo’’. Hope this startup may grow as a big company that could rule the hearts of every customer with their valuable services.


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