Mistakes to Avoid While Registration of Business Name – A Detailed Guide in 2019

Business Name Registration

Selecting your business name is not easy. The business name should be catchy without being silly, and as it should reflects the business personality. Before choosing the business name, you must consider the following things to avoid the mistake.To decide the business name is a difficult task for any start-up. A business name will be memorable and appealing will ultimately help for recognition as well as bring the business. Before starting any business it is necessary to decide what type of legal entity to select whether it is sole proprietorship, partnership or private company registration.

In some other aspects of this decision, the business name reflects and subjective the preference, personal wish, or the even recognition by owner’s name existing name.While selecting the business name, you should be aware and avoid considering the following eight mistakes-

  1. The business name is too long:

Let us understand with the example of a successful brand. Their name includes one or two words like the Best way, apple, Amazon it is easy to remember. The longer name, it recalling becomes difficult. Especially when there is an alternative. If your business name is long so don’t forget to take the short cut name to it is the best way to remember the name. For example “AMUL”-Anand Milk United Limited.

  1. Involved the clients:

Your business name should the reflect the benefits which customers will get. Owner of the business should the picked the name that reflects their interest and what they want to do. For example-“Bridge Work” is better named for “client connector” because it shows the connection between the customer and ideal client.

  1. Choose the name that is easy to say and spell:

Name that is easy to say is always easy to remember. When starting a business always remember the business name that it is easy to spell, here and say. According to the experts, this formula can help you come with a perfect business name. Some people can make this mistake. This is one of the mistake which is easily committed by young entrepreneurs.

4 Consider Trademark laws:

Select the business name which is popping up everywhere. So, choosing the business name is getting tougher day by day. It’s is better to check the existing trademark to select the name as well as avoid legal battles. Keep in mind there is a common law for a trademark. Our trademark business name can’t be similar to competitors’ trademark business name.

There are five classic examples of trademark-

  • Name
  • Symbol
  • Lyrics
  • Figure and Mascot
  • Catchphrases
  1. Considered Branding and Timing:

While deciding the name of a business is essential on the other side the image you create around the name also plays an important role. Whether the name is approachable, and it also depends on perception management within the 6-12 months. According to Christina of Zebra Advertisement, says that business name can be changed, and the business name is never set in stone. If you want the right name which feels good to you. It’s better to start to thinking of name right now.

  1. “What to do” People can’t say:

In the creative area, the most common error is involved in creative little too creative with your business name.  According to Leila Lewis, creativity will reflectwhat the company does and image will provide the direct and indirect clues to peopleabout these service and products of company,

  1. Select the name of your business which is available on domain:

Select the business name which recognises within your industry. The search engine, Google, the customer with a domain name with ending with .in, .com. With the help of domain, it reflects the website. It is easy to get knowledge and understand about the business.


I hope this Article is a benefit for your business. From this article, you can understand about how to choose the business name, related with trademark, branding, and timing, the position of the company. Operating the business is not so easy, so you have to study, understand, conductanalysis and then implement the planning. Afleo is a leading website which helps to start up to start their business by legal advice and service provider like GST registration, PVT LTD registration, one person company or for the information. You can visit or contact us.




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