Build And Believe – Woodpie


Believing in oneself is the strongest indicator of the upcoming success – Youths Era

Let us take you through the journey of one such start-up that had belief of them overcoming the initial problem and reaching out to hundreds of people through their service.

One fine day in 2010, Manoj and Anuradha were going through a book store and found couple of interesting books but were not able to buy them could not find enough genuine reviews of the book.Then they went to their neighbor’s house and found the same book and requested if they can share the book for a day or two. From there on was the evolution of the concept of WoodPie.

An E-Commerce based startup allows you to share your books at the same time and also gives genuine recommendations and reviews of different books.

The biggest problem they have faced till now is the website designing, the founders with limited capital and also with a very low knowledge of web-graphics got regular negative feedback about bad designing of the site from its users. It is very difficult to overcome the problem of less knowledge and capital but they did it with immense patience, the founders started to learn designing starting right from the basics and also started to save from their income.

“When you believe in the idea, execute it and make a progress every day”. – WoodPie