An Organized Food Business in TierII City, Surprised? Between The Slice Story


The online food ordering business in India is in its nascent stage, but witnessing exponential growth. The organised food business in India is worth $ 48 billion, of which food delivery is valued at $15 billion.

Biggies like Swiggy, FoodPanda, Runnr have played a huge role in driving those statistics and giving swift/hassle free service to all its customers. They have played a major role in Tier1 cities and now have diversifying their attention towards the tier 2 cities, but still have a huge gap to be filled.

One major problem with tier 2/3 cities have been the people’s attitude towards paying an extra fees for the delivery of food. The gap has given opportunities to thrive and only few have done something to use them to their advantage.

Let us tell you about a startup that come from the group of the very few who have used the gap to their advantage. Between The Slices provides homely food to those who are staying away from home or have office commitments and cannot go their home for timely lunch.

This meals they provide are inclusive of the delivery fees and one amazing thing about this is that it has an average sales of 40 doorstep delivery/day within the starting 10 days in Jaipur.

Founded by Aman Jain and Ajay Jain ( who share a common interests in Food sector)on 9th April,2017 , they change their menu once in the odd day of the week and by using biodegradable and paperback packing, thus confirming to the policy of being environment friendly. The corporate’s and students living away from home can also subscribe to the quarterly,monthly and yearly subscriptions.

The founders had to experience  having lunch at odd timings due to office-work pressure and then is when the Between The Slices was born. Along with solving the problem of having lunch at odd timings, they also help people in Jaipur to bring an end to every day same menu by providing mouthwatering dishes in different cuisines, Now that’s called Multi Tasking!

They started testing their product’s viability by personal referrals to their friends and their mutual groups,and went ahead through word of mouth and small promotions. Now, they target of having 150-250 deliveries a day !



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