Pay Only For The Period of Stay , Hourly Hotel Bookings Brought To You By BreviStay


As per the report shared by Deutsche Bank, Online Hotel Booking Marketplace has the potential to generate about $2.3 billion in gross bookings by 2020 for online travel agents.

With the likes of MakeMyTrip, OYO, Zoho and many other startups coming into the space.

Soon it was realized that the market space is getting crowded and there was a need of  an idea that would change ‘How A Hotel Is Booked’

Let us introduce a company named BreviStay that allows hotel booking by packs of 3, 6, and 12 hours, and gives you the opportunity of deciding the time of entry and departure.

BreviStayWith more than 70 hotels on board, BreviStay is currently operational in 10+ cities PAN India.

Business travelers, Students , Flight Layover’s, Train delay’s or you need a room just for night to sleep, BreviStay has got everything covered!



Did You Know?

Hourly Hotel Booking can help you save 70% of the total cost than what you spend on hotels on day basis!

Luxury Chains, Exotic Resorts at Affordable Hourly Rates, But Only on BreviStay!

In an exclusive Interview with the Founder of BreviStay, Prateek spoke on how a Manali Trip Led To BreviStay Idea!

The idea came in my mind during our Manali trip in October 2015,we had hardly spent 25 hours in a hotel room during our stay  of 96 hours (4 days), and we had to pay the rent of vacant rooms for majority  of  the stay.

This is When  The Idea of BreviStay took birth!

I discussed with my friend of bringing hotels by hours there and he agreed. I was working for MNC in Noida at that time and we started working on this model on weekends.

BreviStay TEAM

When asked about how did the team approached further with the idea, Prateek stated that

‘We had done various surveys to know what people think about this model and got positive response. We also talked with  more than 100 hotels about the concept and no one was willing to implement it. Luckily we got our first hotel in April 2016 and from there our journey began’!

The team decided to work part time on weekends and after office hours until the beta launch happened

After a proper validation to their idea through different surveys,

It took them eight months to leave the 2*2 cubicle for  their dream of having their own office.

Startup is like your baby, you need to mentally, physically as well  as financially ready before having one . One need to properly take care of it before birth and after birth – Prateek Singh

Now hoteliers have no issue renting rooms to local couples, as well as they started seeing hourly model as big revenue booster for themselves. We are able to educate hoteliers on this part and we are educating our society for progressive changes- Team BreviStay









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